Gokarna: A Spiritual Place


Gokarna is a sleepy little town along the west coast of India, in Karnataka. Gokarna literally means Cow’s Ears. It is believed that Lord Shiva emerged from a Cow’s Ear. Originally a Hindu Pilgrimage center, but now it is an important tourist destination. It is carved from mountains and cut by rivers.

It is the most beautiful place on earth because of the two most magnificent creations that is mountains and water between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea.It is not just a temple town but also lovely rocky beaches and hills. This place is very popular among the foreign tourist in India. It is a completely different experience from Goa and Kawar.

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Gokarna is about a peaceful beach holiday. It has 4 major beaches– Kudle Beach, OM Beach, Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach. You can either go by boat or else trekking to these beaches.Trekking from one beach to another is simply amazing. Water sports are one of the favourite activities here. People love to try snorkelling, banana boat rides and parasailing.

THE GOKARNABEACH is situated in the main town. It is quite popular amongst the locals and the pilgrims. Shivratri is one of the main festivals celebrated in this town and the celebrations are held in this beach. This beach is not suitable for bathing, but still a nice place to visit.

KUDLE BEACH is a pleasure to spend time on. It isone of the main tourist beaches in this town.It’s a nice C shaped beach with clean sand, clear waters and cool breeze. There’s a simple accommodation of huts and tents nearby. The beach has a lot of shacks and small inns. You can trek up the little rocks along the way and the wave’s splash onto your toes.

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It has an arch shape where the sun dwells to provide the most amazing beach experience. Kudle beach hike takes around 30 mins from one corner to the other. You can start your day by playing volley ball in the morning which makes a perfect start to the whole new journey. Kudle Beach offers several water sports options and a jet boat ride. Sunset is a treat to watch.

OM BEACH is in a shape of OM which embraces the spirituality of this place. On the right side of the beach there is a medium size cliff climbing which we call as Shiva climb or is also known as panoramic view of the sunset.

Om Beach has a very calm and serene vibe to it. The sand is much finer than the Kudlebeach. You can enjoy snorkelling, parasailing, banana boat ride and trekking at OM Beach. Its Azure waters are idea for an exciting dolphin spotting trip. Everything depends on the water currents. You will have to be taken by boat to the areas in the ocean which have abundant Humpback Dolphin population. The thrill you will experience is really fantastic.

THE PARADISE BEACH is one of the peaceful beaches which is virgin and lacks human touch. There are several beautiful bouldering terrains at the shore and also deep dense plantations.

The Gokarna beach is surrounded by palm trees and has rocks on the shore which can be used for bouldering. Trekking from Gokarna Beach to Paradise Beach on a full moon night is amazing. No water sports are available here, but swimming in the calm waters can be fun.

Shopping in Gokarna is especially done in the street markets. Some of the shopping items include hippy clothes dresses, harem pants, zari bags, fisherman pants, post cards, yellow coloured leather flip flop, embroidered shoes, and balloon skirts.

There are several eatery joints in Gokarna. Since it is a religious place the town has a lot of vegetarian eatery. Gokarna Beaches are lined up with small restaurants offering all kinds of exotic cuisines like the Mexican, Israeli, English breakfast and Etc.

Very few of them serve the best food.  The Om Shree Ganesh restaurants near OM beach, The Dolphin View Restaurants near the Half Moon Beach are the famous restaurants.

These places are ideal for a relaxed holiday. So why not try something different.

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