Finger Food While Driving Down the Road


There’s something so freeing about packing up the car and hitting the open road. Whether it is a cross country voyage or a weekend getaway, summer road trip screams good tunes and great company. In most cases road trips means a lot of pit-stops to fast food restaurants. It may seem to be hopeless when it comes to eating healthy on your road trips.

As much as thrilliest can help with travel plans, the best resources are usually back in the kitchen or right behind the bar. Restaurants owners, chefs and bartenders are the experts when it comes to finding the best pit stops for food and drink. If looking out for a good cheese shop, you should probably ask a sommelier. The best pastries, ask a baker. If its hand crafted cocktails contact a bar manager.

If wanting to explore and travel along the mid-Atlantic road trip and where to stop to eat and drink along the way. Here are some of the restaurants available with best of food.

finger food

Experience the true southern cuisine in Richmond VA. You get raw Virginia oyster and cocktail at RAPPAHAN OYSTER CO. new market. Get gin straight for the source at James Riover Distillery. Go for cocktails at the RUGUE GENTLEMAN. If an overnight trip, start off your second day with coffee and pastries at SUB ROSA BAKERY.

Taste everything from barbecue to lobster chowder in FEDERICK MD: First spot come to mind is the TASTING ROOM which offers a welcome dishes like delicious lobster chowder and classics like tuna tartare aColorado rack of lamb with fingerling potatoes. Visit the BLACK HOG BBQ AND BAR for some tasty barbecue and a local pint of Flying Dog beer. A favourite dish on their menu includes the smoked brisket and the Caroline chopped pork with just right amount of tangy sauce. For a relaxing drink head to Wine Kitchen on the creek for a flight of vino while enjoying the views of Carroll Creek.


REHOBOTH, DELAWARE is famous for simple beautiful seafood. It is a coastal town with several restaurants. Visit TOUCH OF ITALY, might be the drive alone. They have great sandwiches, piled with Italian meats and cheeses, marinated vegetable, and peppers. For dinner SALT AIR is excellent spot for great seafood like fresh oyster, fish and seafood.

While driving from DC through Virginia there are many small towns with different food for your taste bud. The ITALIAN STORE IN ARLINGTON for a slice of pizza and an Illybottled coffee. EFFEE on route 29 in WARRENTON is famous for its custard.  The LIGHT WELL has very good food, weird live music and great beer list.

There is a beautiful vineyard in MANASSAS VA: firstly start eating at KATERINA’S GREEK AMERICAN Cuisine where traditional Avgolemono soup is perfectly zesty and comforting. Pop by the WINERY at LA GRANGE any day for local wine and occasional live music. Before you leave, stop into the RED TRUCK BAKERY, where a slice of pie and cup of coffee is enjoyed.

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