Feel Like a Royal, the Disney Way!


Ever wondered what it must have felt like to dine in the classic Walt Disney style? Well no need to wonder anymore, you can experience it firsthand now! Disney land has launched 21 Royal. What is it you might be wondering?

It is basically a renovation of their erstwhile member exclusive the very posh club which went by the name of Club 33! It is almost like an oasis, just tucked under all the gaudiness that is otherwise provided by the happiest place on the earth.

And it has found expression as Walt and Lillian Disney’s longstanding plans to design an oasis oozing in luxury where celebrities and other dignitaries could be hosted.


So was born 21 Royal– to be known by merely a lone sign in the New Orleans square area. It is largely made up keeping in the mind the quintessential New Orleans decor which was extremely popular in the 19th century. And this dreamlike adventure encompasses everything!

If you do want to experience the ultimate Disney experience, then your evening would commence with the entry into the Grand Californian hotel and spa, where you would be greeted by valets and escorted into the chosen venue of all the budding festivities.

You would be given the royal treatment quite literally- from valets to butlers to servers to sommeliers as well as trip guides, you would end your evening with a lavish 7 course dinner all arranged by Andrew Sutton, the executive chef as well as chef de cuisine Justin Monson!

The evening would in all likeliness would conclude with you and your guests feasting your audio visual senses by indulging in an extravagant and elaborate firework display session!

Sounds too good to be true? Well it is true, if you are willing to spend $15000 for an evening worth of revelries for yourself and twelve chosen guests.

Are you surprised? Its Disney after all! It might be the happiest place on the Earth, but happiness comes for a price and in case you wish to be given the royal treatment it comes at the staggering price of $1250 per person.

Think of it as Disney story telling at its crystal best replete with pristine white linens, fresh flowers and gold plated plates! And if you are not satisfied with what they might be offering you, you could always tweak it up- adjust it to how you would like it!

You could select your own themes and inspirations and of course request the menu to be customised as per your requirements and tastes! However, if you are put off by the marvellously ridiculous pricing, let us give you a silver lining- it covers everything: taxes, gratuity, parking, valet service and admission into the theme park itself!


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