Which are the Famous Tourist Destinations in Kerala?


Gifted with diverse sceneries, Kerala enjoys a long coastline with Arabian Sea. Famous for its serene backwaters, sunny beaches, lush greens and also chilly hills- Kerala is truly a traveler’s paradise. The diversity of landscapes coupled with different weather and temperature zones is a boon to Kerala’s fertile soil. Voted by NatGeoas well as Lonely Planet as one of the top destinations you must visit in your lifetime; if you find yourself interested and curious to see for yourself, here is a list of the places you must visit in Kerala to really feel why it is called God’s own Country.



Known as Kashmir of South,if a quiet, cool getaway is what you need then Munnar is your answer. Trek to old Anamudi mountains, soak your eyes in the sprawling greens of tea plantations and amassing flora and fauna. If nothing else just cozy yourself in the lush cool valleys and let nature take over your senses.


Alleppey Backwaters

Major tourist attraction is the serene backwater boat rides with coconut trees stretched on both banks, the calm whistling of wind and gentle murmuring of water, it is not a ride you will easily forget. Boathouses can be rented if you intend to stay afloat for a few days. Also home to the famous boat festival and one of the major expanses of paddy fields, the best time to visit is by avoiding monsoons.


Also known as Thiruvananthapuram, it is the capital city of Kerala is soaked in culture and bears the relics of Dravidian culture to this day. You will findlots of temples mainly dedicated to Lord Vishnu scattered around the city.



The old port city of Kochi is a hub for connecting places. Richly embedded in diverse cultural relics and abounding in European architecture, it was once a favorite spot of travelers arriving from afar. The main places worth visiting in this day are the Jewish Synagogue, Fort Kochi and Santa Cruz basilica, Mattancherry place and the large fishing nets along the Arabian coast.


The sole charm of this place is due to its abundance of nature and the famous Periyar National Reserve, can be found tucked in amidst its forests. The program of nature walks takes you on a hiking trip where you can spot various habitats. On a bright morning you can find langurs, elephants, boars, bisonetc. huddled by the watering hole.You can spot tigers sprawling on rocks on lucky sunny days.


Kovalam, known for its ayurvedic treatment, boasts of being longest beach in Kerala, clean and lined with expanses of coconut trees it is a place you need to visit to soak up the sun. Its unique crescent shape and rocky projections coupled with blue water turn the beach spectacular on full moon nights.


Spread in lush green blanket of paddy fields and teeming with wildlife, visit this quiet hamlet if you are looking to rejuvenate your senses. A zone for adventure enthusiasts during the monsoon, its nature will enthrall you during summer.

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