Famous Tourist Attractions in Barcelona



Gorgeous scenery, breathtaking architecture and superb cultural attractions sums up the stunning seaside city Barcelona. The Catalonia’s has a beautiful charm of the balmy Mediterranean climate which make Barcelona vibrant. Some of the best tourist attractions are

  1. Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

The spectacular basilica is UNESCO-listed and one of the most famous sight in Barcelona. Situated with its 18 spindly towers, this stands in the northern part of the city.The lavish exterior depicts the birth of Jesus and the equally stunning interior which has an immense space of 90 meters long by 60 meters high.


  1. Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter)

The relics of ancient Roman buildings are still found in the Gothic Quarter .This is the secular center of the city. Narrow cobblestone and atmospheric alleyways is a beautiful sight to wander for the visitors . One would also discover the magic of the free medieval world in this alleyways. The Gothic Quarter is a fun place for tourists to explore as it has the sounds of people chatting and laughing . Small inviting little boutiques, music from the Spanish classical guitar and picturesque quiet squares which also makes the Gothic Quarter more merrier.


  1. La Rambla: Barcelona’s Social Hub

La Rambla is the heart of Barcelon’s social life which is an expensive pedestrian sidewalks featuring many shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafés. The Mercat La Boqueria is a colorful market where fruits, vegetables are bought by many local during the day. At night tourists enjoy the impromptu street performances which mighe be a live music or a mime show.

On the north eastern side is The Plaça Reial which is filled with shops and restaurants. The Palau Güell, an ostentatious mansion designed in 1886 by Antoni Gaudí is another important monument on La Rambla


  1. Parc Güell: Gaudí’s Surrealist Park

The Park Güell is beautifully surrealistic park which is colorful, cheerful, and full of whimsy . Created between 1900 and 1914 and recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage ; the park has winding staircases, lovely conversation seats which are around the space with a colonnaded hall.


  1. Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

The UNESCO-listed Casa Milà is also known as “La Pedrera,” as the building resembles an open quarry. This is more than a functional building where every line of the natural stone facade is curved and roof has an undulating shape complemented by the decorative chimneys.

  1. Amusement Park and Scenic Views in Montjuïc

This hilltop neighborhood which stands 213 meters above the sea is crowned by a fortress. This beautiful slopes steeply down to the Mediterranean sea. The Tibidabo Amusement Park has great views and superb museums. The National Art museum of Catalonia has mind blowing art forms from the 10th and 20th centuries


  1. Monestir de Pedralbes

A little park called the Jardines Reina Elisenda lies in the Monestir de Pedralbes convent. This is filled with native shrubs,palms, cypresses, and shady trees. One can enjoy by relaxing in the tranquil setting as it has a serene three-story cloister with peaceful convent buildings. They can also learn abt the life and work of the 14th century nuns.The Monastry Museum is another highlight which displays medieval art from the 14th century.

  1. Casa Batlló

One of the most modernist building in Barcelona is the Casa Batlló the house of a famous textile manufacturer Josep Batlló i Casanovas. This is another UNESCO – listed building which looks like a castle from the surreal fairy tale.

  1. Quadrat d’Or

The Quadrat d’Or is an area where the buildings are inspired and constructed by Antoni Gaudi. These were built in the 19th and 20th century and are bordered by the Plaça de Catalunya. Every step of the Quadrat d’ has a surprise which would enchant every visitor

  1. Museu de Zoologia

The Museu de Zoologia is a popularly known as the Castell dels Tres Dragons because of its three towers. It is also used for research and teaching purpose as it contains an extensive collections of diverse animal species. One would find the skeleton of a mommoth, insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians birds and mammals.


  1. Museu Blau (Museum of Earth Science)

The Museu Blau in a 1000 square meters space impress the visitors with artifacts of biology and geology while exploring the extensive exhibits. This is located in a sleek modern building which is near the sea and the Besòs River


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