Family Travel: 9 Perfect Destinations for Adventuring with Family

Family Travel Malacca river

Family Travel mode on: 9 Most amazing destinations to travel and have fun with family and friends!

Traveling is something which everyone loves- from.the youngest member of the family to the rest, from friends to work colleagues. Every known man on earth loves traveling. Perhaps the reason behind it is the freedom from the monotonous everyday life and the liberty to fly high and do random things without following rules for a change. Talking about destinations to family travel to and indulge into some fun activities and sports, the list can be pretty long. According to popularity however, certain places across the world run their economy hugely depending on tourism. 

The best destinations for traveling with family and friends-

Family Travel New zealand

  1. One of the best places to visit and go for an exciting adventurous family travel is New Zealand. New Zealand boasts of pristine untouched beauty and one of the best adventure sports on the world. Family members have a great time with a lot of fun and frolic. One of the most famous adventure sports enjoyed being skydiving.

Family Travel Kenya

  1. Another popular family travel destination  with family is Kenya. The African Highlands and the wildlife of the place is a treat to the eyes. One can go for jungle safaris in Serengeti and make memories for a lifetime. What is better than to do it with your family members?


Family travel Dubai

  1. Dubai is another place which is famous for the family travel as well as exciting man made treats for people. From a posh lifestyle to desert safari and dining amidst aquatic life, Dubai offers it all.


  1. Thailand had gained popularity over the years for being a budget shopping destination. Not just know for shopping, Thailand has one of the most beautiful beaches in world with amazing resorts to spend time with your loved ones. Gorge on some exceptional seafood and tingle your taste buds with the bold Thai flavors.

Family Travel Bali

  1. The next family travel destination one can visit with their family is Bali. Indonesia had a rich heritage and culture worth exploring with little something for everyone.

Family Travel malaysia

  1. Trekking in the Highlands of Malaysia is another great option for families who have an adventurous stream to them. The greenery is breathtaking and is a wonderful change from the hustle of the city and pollution. Intertwined with Malay culture, Genting Highlands area popular destination in the heart of Malaysia.


  1. Italy with its pristine meadows and selfie architecture and food will always remain a paradise for family travel to.

Family Travel Venice

  1. Venice being the most visited cities, is very popular for the Gondola rides and he rich history behind the architecture. Also a fashion lovers paradise, Italy is worth a visit with family. Budget trips may not be possible, but it is perfectly okay to spend lavishly on places worth spending on.


  1. The last but not the least, every family should once visit USA. A trip to America is a must , discovering the Great Canyons, the picturesque towns , rich with history. Disney Land and Universal Studio is a must visit when in Florida and so is the food. American food being globally well known, deserves a taste off in their own country.


Family travel touches the heart, and when done with the right set of people, it becomes the best decision ever.


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