Explore Wilderness At Borneo!


Borneo is a very exciting place, situated at the convergence of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The striking geographical domain, makes it the third largest island in the world. This amalgamation makes this island an ultimate catch for all the tourists who expects a different experience from their traveling expedition, deploying fresh junctures at every step by adding a new definition to traveling.

Borneo, is often denoted to be the island where you can find wilderness at its full fervor, accompanied with wilderness the touch of kindness and love all around will force you to stick to this place for a longer a period of time then you had intended before coming over to this place. This deadly combination of wilderness and humanness can be found only Borneo.

The magic realism that can be located only in the jungles of this land, will force you to visit this island again and again. This place is a big catch for all of them who finds wildlife very tempting. Starting from trekking across bamboo bridges to gathering wild mushrooms and fiddlehead ferns for relishing at dinner along with a satiated view of the wildlife including Orangutans that you find moving through the canopies will make give you a lifetime memory.

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After an existing and exhausting journey along the wildlife will leave your stomach craving for a filling meal and the diverse cultural and traditional history of Borneo promises you with a wide range of culinary varieties which you will savor forever. The wide range of dishes from the non-veg menus is sure to excite your taste buds.

Starting from seafood that comes directly from the bed of South China Sea is served at its best in almost all the Chinese restaurants, you also get smoky chicken satay stalls at the night markets situated at Malay along with Indonesian eateries which will burn your mouths with all its spicy flavors.

The indigenous people of Borneo has whole range of delicacies like the special Bario rice served with pineapple curry; Besides, the chicken roasted in bamboo and midin forest fern, is the ultimate recipe for the potluck and these recipes are so enriched both in taste and in heritage that will give carry as a remembrance from Borneo.

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So, you experience wilderness at every level in Borneo. Wilderness here, is not only associated with wildlife and rainforests rather it is more about being crazy at all spheres of existence. You will explore this kind of wilderness in everything that completes Borneo, starting from its culinary heritage, community life, rich cultural and historical remains and many more, you will experience this wilderness in every bit of Borneo.

This is what makes Borneo an amazing host for who visit this place. Traveling in Borneo will leave a lasting impression on your entire being, as traveling is not only about escaping from the hurly-burly of the monotonous life, but it is also about experiencing new dimensions in life, and to quench your thirst for exploring wilderness at different levels.

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