Vintage Rides Concept – Thrills of Motorcycle Tours

For all adventure lovers, the Vintage Rides concept adoption – a passion for old-fashioned adventure would be an appropriate choice in discovering the thrill of motorcycle tour around winding roads.  The rider can get the experience of travelling amidst the noise of the engine along with its vibration around the high peaks of Ladakh and Nepal over the Mongolian steep at the core of a nomadic life, in Sri Lanka, India and Bhutan.Since 2006, Vintage Rides had been devoted in character-packed motorcycle tours all across Asia.  Their rare design travel plan provides the rider with the most memorable motor-biking experience one would ever encounter.

The Royal Enfield said to be sharply appealing permits the rider to travel across Asia at easy cruising tempo, differently providing a great experience while travelling.  The Royal Enfield production had restarted in Madras, southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.  Initially, manufactured in Great Britain, the Bullet 350cc had been used on the battlefields of the World War II.  The character charged motorcycle is said to be the icon of India wherein the rough sound ofthis only cylinder model tends to echo all around the country.  The Royal Enfield has resulted from a double passion for adventure, which has been designed and tends to run tours on inspiring motorcycles.

Tours – Combination of Pleasure of Motorbike Travel

These tours are said to be a combination of pleasure of motorbike travel, discovery of offbeat destinations together with the human adventure one would tend to search for, with thorough security. Riders inclined to take an Asian motorbike tour and have no knowledge of where or how to go about with it, could get in touch with their team who are available in France, India, Sri Lanka and Mongolia.

The team tend to lend all the essential support in enabling them with the guidance with their inspiration engine.  They could navigate for the ideal trip depending on their standards, destination, and period together with their riding level and set off in exploring the desired destination. To safeguard that the biker have a great motorbiking experience with the greatest possible successthey have made themselves available to them, before, during and after the tour.Vintage Rides tends to have its own garage with a 60 robust convoy of Royal Enfield at its locations in Delhi, to ensure that the rider travels on a bike in the best situation.

Experience Flavour & Intensity of Adventure

They comprise of a store of specialists who seem to have a desire for the Bullet and treat the bikes that head off on a tour.  They are a team of six mechanics who have been credited with prior experience in official Royal Enfield bike garages and seem to work in a very merry environment and the place is said to be an attraction for supporters of retro mechanics and customisation.

In order to get some insight on the precise package, the biker needs to furnish a few pointers to their motorbike tour professionals for the needed guidance. Biker could get the opportunity of experiencing the flavour together with the intensity of their adventure through their themed tours namely Adventure Raid, Discovery Trek, Chic & Charming and the Freedom package. All the essential information is made available at the site for those interested in get more insight on the tours.