Enjoy An Unforgettable Trip to Fernsehturm in Berlin


There are so many places to travel. Different continents, countries, and cities to explore. All of those option? That can make it difficult to choose the perfect place for your next getaway. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Keep it simple. Go where there are incredible views and memorable attractions. Like Berlin, for example. The capitol city of Germany is home to museums and historical buildings. As well as the Fernsehturm. Not only is this a standout part of the Berlin skyline…. but it is a fantastic spot for tourists. Thinking about taking a trip? Then head to Berlin. It is here that you can enjoy the unforgettable Fernsehturm.


What You Need To Know About Fernsehturm

It’s incredible. The way the Fernsehturm tower looks from afar. This television tower adds a unique flair to the Berlin skyline. Coming in at over 1,200 feet tall, there is no way you could miss it. The original intent of the tower was to have something to stand as a symbol of Berlin. The Fernsehturm certainly does that! Over the years it has become a well-known part of central Berlin…. being featured in both movies and television shows. It’s not hard to figure out why. The tower is massive. It is by far the tallest structure in all of Germany. That’s not all. It is also the second tallest structure in the European Union. Whether you are checking out the view of the Berlin skyline or enjoying the sights from the top of the tower, the Fernsehturm is truly remarkable.



Planning Your Visit To Fernsehturm


Are you ready? To see the Fernsehturm tower up close and personal, that is. If you plan to spend any time in Berlin then this is an absolute must. The Fernsehturm is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. For good reason! There is so much to see and do. Don’t believe it? Visitors can experience the views from the observation deck and grab a fantastic meal. That’s right.


The observation deck (also referred to as the panoramic floor) is 666 feet above the ground. It boasts visibility of a whopping 26 miles when the weather is good. That means you can get a fantastic view of Berlin and the surrounding area. Not a bad way to kick start your vacation! Then there is the bar and restaurant. After checking out the views, visitors are able to spend time at The Sphere (a revolving restaurant located high above the city!) or Bar 203 (the highest bar in all of Berlin. Here you can enjoy snacks and specialty cocktails). See? Your Fernsehturm trip will be one to remember.


There is nothing quite like a trip to Berlin. This city is loaded with history and unique attractions. Like the Fernsehturm! This tower will give you the chance to experience the beauty of the city like never before. What are you waiting for? Grab a ticket and see the views for yourself. It will give you some unforgettable travel memories.



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