DirBit Travel Guide: Bhutan The Land of Roaring Dragon


Bhutan is picturesque with rich flora and fauna and wherever you go the mountain follows you at every curve and bend of the road. This Himalayan Kingdom is for tourists who revel in nature, who want to just get rid of the daily routines and enjoy the constant gurgling of the river.

Home to an extraordinary cluster of wildlife, Bhutan is one of the TEN “bio-diversity hot stops” in the world. It is one of the few countries blessed with a wide variety of ecosystem, high peaks, and dense forests with different species of flora and fauna. You can definitely expect adventure filled travel in this “LAND OF ROARING DRAGONS”.

Bhutan has some of the most exciting treks.  These treks are marked by beautiful scenery and experience with local people.

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The trek to Tiger’s nest in Paro turns out to be the most challenging. Taktsang Palphug Monastery is also known as the Paro Taktsang. It is a Buddhist temple complex which clings to a cliff, 10,240 feet above sea level. The only way to reach the temple is by trekking. This path leads to a pine forest. Without a good pair of trekking shoes, this trek is not recommended. The cliff from the Tiger’s Nest is a deep gorge with precarious steps. After this, a waterfall and a roof of colourful prayer flags go from one hill to another.

MOJO PARK is Thimphu’s premier live-music venue and bar, strong on blues, rocks and reggae and friendly to boot.

DOCHU La Pass is a popular pit-stop 30 km from Thimphu’s towards central Bhutan. DOCHU LA PASS’s beauty is complemented by colourful Buddhist Prayer Flags fluttering in the wind and snow-capped trees standing tall in the surrounding valleys.

The Festivals of Bhutan too are vibrant, a little different from ours, but celebrated with much fun, togetherness, pomp and show.


Few festivals are as follows:

PARO TSHECHU is celebrated in spring in the Rinpung Dzong. It is one of the largest and most vibrant festivals of BHUTAN.  This festival is quiet entertaining with CHAM DANCES (masked dances), amazing food. Tourists mingle with the locals, trying different dishes, seeing the impressive display of painting and art pieces and having a time of their lives.

Takin Festival is a different kind of festival where the tourists are taken in treks into the wilderness where they can spot the Takin the national animal of Bhutan in their natural habitat. Trekkers get to sleep in the yak wool tents, bath in the fresh spring s and eat cultural food of Bhutan.

HAA Summer Festival: is a big summer camp for travellers. You can eat authentic food cooked by the local, religious processions dance and sing with the locals, take part in the echographia competition and the thrilling mountain bike race. You can see the processing of their local alcoholic drink called ARA and try it too. The HAA summer festival is adventurous lively and super fun.

Bhutanese Cuisine is a must-try. Try the cuisine that is spicy and healthy with cheese, chilli, meat and rice being their main ingredients. Hot, hot, hot!! Local Cuisine wouldn’t be called Bhutanese’s if you’re a fan of hot sauce and craving for some serious adrenaline, you’ll fall in love with Bhutanese food. Yum

Red Panda Beer is a yellow body topped with frothy off-white foam, this combined with the view of Bhutan’s zenful landscape.

 So if you’re a cultural nomad waiting to try different cultures, cuisines and festivals, then you must visit Bhutan. It is beautiful, vibrant, ethnic and just amazing.

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