Managing the routine work of a house, keeping up to date with everyone’s schedule, tracking chores, making grocery lists and formulating travel plans is very essential to have a smooth functioning of your house chores . There are number of things that you need to do in order to manage your house. While there are very few who are lucky where they can literally hire other people to do this for them, not all of us have that PRIVILAGE. Therefore there are certain Apps that can make our task easier that can help you stay on top of these challenges.

OUR GROCERIES: this Apps is a must have for grocery shopping. Download it on everybody’s phone at home and then create a grocery list. Any change that is made by any member to the list will be synced on across devices. So if you happen to go to the store to buy cheese just cross it off on the Apps, instead of telling everyone separately.

SYNCING CALENDARS:  it is a free online family organizer and mobile Apps is available for IOS, Android, and Blackberry users. The Apps Cozi provides a simple way to put everyone’s schedule on the same page. Most impressive is its lender which is easy to navigate and colour coded for each member of the family. Activities for the week are easy to input and you can set them to occur regularly. You can also choose to have Cozi notify. It notifies you of an event via email or text. All members of your cosy circle which can include grandparents and friends can see the calendar. You don’t have to tell everyone in the family separately what you are doing on a particular day. When they update their schedule you would be able to see too. It makes it a lot easier to coordinate with one another.

TODOIST: If you have a problem remembering what all you need to do and find yourself relying on stick-its, then this is the Apps for you. You can add all the important tasks that you have and sync it across all platforms, so that each of your devices can remind you to do a particular task. You can easily rely on this organizer as it let you plan for 7 days in advance. Users can also file task under different Projects like personal, shopping, work etc. While a lot of people use it for work, we feel that To do list can prove to be useful at home too.

HOME ROUTINES:  if you are having a hard time keeping your home clean, then this Apps is for you. It allows you to set up a schedule and sends reminders of things that need to be done around your house each week. This Apps helps you divide your house into different zones so that you can cycle through your entire home in record time.

EVERNOTE: if you are a person that is constantly making lists then this is the Apps meant for you. This Apps allows you to make extensive notes and certainly store words, images and documents, which are great if you have a cleaning schedule for a special event. But what we most love here is the search function making it really easy to use.

COMPARE THE PRICE. Have you ever thought while you were shopping you could buy the same item elsewhere for a better price? YES it is possible with the SHOPSAVVY BARCODE SCANNER Apps. You can scan an item barcode with your phone or search for it manually to call up a comparison of prices at local stores and on the Web. In case, you’re not sure whether the item is right for you, Shop Savvy also offers user reviews.

SHOEBOXED: Tired of storing receipts and trying to keep track of expenses, then Shoeboxes Apps lets you get rid of the pile and organizes them all. Take a snap shot of your receipts and categorize them. You can even track mileage. Its IRS approved. It also integrates with online accounting software available on iphone and android.

MY HOME WORK: have a student in the house that can’t keep up with what’s going on. My Homework is the leading digital student planner. It lets you organize assignments, gives you reminders and teaches. It can send information and assignments directly to you for free. It is available on android and iphone.