Cyprus Best Family holidays for the summer

The Five Most Talked About Traveling Destination in Cyprus To Visit With Your Family.

Cyprus is though a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean, but it has an enlarged heritage of rich history and culture with a time span of more than 10000 years and this makes this place the oldest and richest destination which gets thronged every year by tourists from all over the world. Being situated as the largest island in the Mediterranean it welcomes its every guest with all sorts of perks that one expects to experience while spending a vacation in an island country. What can be more tempting for the ocean lovers? who wants to get lost under the charisma of this exuberating island country? The Five most tempting destinations where you can enjoy a happy-go-holidaying are as follows:


  • Ancient Kourion –Cyprus being an ancient city there are no dearth of historical places where you can overhaul with your family. This place seems to be purposely situated across a coastal cliff accompanied by an unhindered view of the country side and the Mediterranean Sea that makes the place the best escape with your family. Here, you can also enjoy visits to the theater and the house of Eustolios which holds a wide variety of mosaics. Traveling to this part of Cyprus would none the less be a great experience.Cyprus_5
  • Hilarion Castle –As the name suggests, it is not only the best castle remains of Cyprus, but of the Mediterranean as well. Once you visit here, the vast chambers will give you a feel that you have been transformed 100 years back in a time-machine. If you intend traveling to a castle along with your family, then this should be your ultimate choice and I assure you that you will that this will leave a lasting impression on you that you will cherish forever.Cyprus _5
  • Larnaca –It is a seaside resort that has managed to keep its soul intact. It would be unfair, if you visit an island country and do not enjoy the privileges of escaping in to a resort by the sea-side. Yes, your intuition is correct; you will get decked up by all that you always longed to experience.Cyprus _7Cyprus _6
  • Karpas Peninsula –This place is a perfect destination for them who always wanted to escape to a place that has the power to articulate back one’s loneliness. Karpas Peninsula is the most rugged and loneliest region of Cyprus and the silence that engulfs this place makes this destination all the more attractive and beautiful. This is an exact answer to them who believes that peace within can only be restored by the peace that shrieks outside.Cyprus _7
  • Ancient Salamis –After a magnum splash of silence, it’s time to upgrade your historical intellect. Ancient Salamis is the place where you get to acquaint yourself with the ruins of marbles which makes this place one of the topmost historical resort of Cyprus where you can spend some quality time with your family traveling away from the scorching heat and increasing temperature.

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