How to Choose Travel Insurance to Asia


Asia is one of the most favoured travel destinations, especially by students who want to embark on a grand backpacking tour.  Traveling to Asia is now easier than ever with direct flights from the UK to various Asian cities.  You can opt for a beach travel package to Thailand, the Philippines, or Indonesia, an Oriental tour package to Hong Kong, China, Japan, and South Korea, or an Indian sub-continent package.  Whatever your preferences are, and however long you’re staying, going to Asia takes a lot of preparation and careful planning.

Many travellers plan Asian travel details way ahead of time.  They have tours, hotel accommodations, and flights covered early on.  However, many travellers seem to neglect one important bit of preparation, and that is getting the appropriate travel insurance.  Going to Asia, which is a massive continent, is still a big risk for many western travellers.  Despite the modernity of major Asian cities, there are still parts of the region where you need to be secure and protected.

Getting multi-trip travel insurance, or single-trip travel insurance, depending on your travel plans, is the best way to go as you make your way to this awe-inspiring continent.  With the many offerings of travel insurance companies, how do you choose the best travel insurance package to Asia?  Here are a few guidelines to help you make that decision:

  1. Choose travel insurance with an excellent medical care package.Many travellers hold the perception that basic medical care in Asia is very cheap. While that is the case for many local hospitals, some of the best hospitals in the region are privately run and the medical expenses can get quite expensive.  The inexpensive local hospitals may not have the best facilities, so western travellers will be a lot safer if they are treated in more expensive private hospitals with reputable doctors who speak English. Choose the best travel insurance which provides good medical coverage, so that you have peace of mind while you are on the road. Remember to get coverage that pays for both treatment and medical evacuation.
  1. Choose travel insurance that provides good coverage for trip cancellations or trip interruptions.It is a good idea to get travel insurance that covers expenses just in case your trip gets cancelled or cut short. Now you can reimburse part of your expenses, depending on the policy, for accommodations and flights to Asia. Your insurance policy should also cover the cost of evacuation back to your home country. You never know what could happen on a trip, so it is best to be prepared.
  1. Choose travel insurance that provides good coverage for lost baggage and other add-ons.Remember to get travel insurance that covers the limit of your baggage items. Make sure that your policy also has add-ons that cover the loss of personal belongings and valuables such as laptops, tablets, cameras, and smartphones. It is best to know the claim limits of the travel insurance for specific items, and these are explicitly laid out on the policy.

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