Check Out The Sights From The Top Of Canton Tower

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Sometimes? All you need is a little perspective. Life can seem chaotic and crazy. Particularly when the streets are busy, the traffic is grid locked, and the city is full of noise. Visiting Guangdong, China is a special experience. There are museums, attractions, and spectacular views to enjoy. The best way to step back and see it all? Is from the top of the Canton Tower. Suddenly that traffic jam seems picturesque. That sea of people fades away. The noise is gone. All you can see is an endless stretch of beauty. Give your vacation a little perspective. Make time for the Canton Tower in Guangdong, China.

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What Is The Canton Tower?

The Canton Tower is something special. Originally it was built for the 2010 Asian Games. Now, it is an unforgettable part of the city skyline. If you find yourself in this part of the world…. a visit is an absolute must. Wondering why? This observation tower boasts stunning views of the city below. It stands at 1,967 feet – with a body that is 1,476 feet tall and a mast that is 492 feet tall. This makes it one of the tallest towers in the entire world. (Even taller than the CN Tower in Toronto!) No wonder this is such a popular tourist attraction in China. It gives locals and tourists the chance to see the sights like never before.

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The Design Of The Canton Tower

Get out your cameras! One look at the Canton Tower will take your breath away. It has a bold spiral design that winds its way up to the very top of the tower. According to the architect who worked on the project (Mark Hemel and partner Barbara Kuit designed the Canton Tower), most buildings and skyscrapers had strong and straight features. They wanted this design to be elegant and soft. He said, “we wanted to create a female tower, being complex, transparent, curvy, and gracious. Our aim was to create a free-form tower with a rich and human-like identity that would represent Guangzhou as a dynamic and exciting city.” That they did. The Canton Tower is a unique and intricate work of art…. just as much as it is a structural building. Yet another reason that the Canton Tower is special, unique, and interesting.

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Visiting The Canton Tower

There is plenty to do at the Canton Tower. At the base of the tower there is visitor information about Guangzhou, facts about the city, tourist attraction and tourism services, and more. Then there is the tower itself. It has observation decks (where visitors can enjoy a birds eye view of the Guangzhou New City and the Pearl River), a revolving restaurant (where over 400 guests can eat well and check out the sights), shops, a 4D movie theatre, exhibition areas, conference rooms, and more. There are many ways to pass the time at the astounding Canton Tower. At night? You can watch the tower light up. It glows light from top to bottom. Every day the tower lights up a different colour. So, be sure to have your camera ready once the sun goes down.



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