Amazing Places at Karwar

Karwar has a jaw dropping scenic beauty and also with this it has a sparkle of religion and history. It is a city situated in Uttara Kannada district, which lies on the west coast of Southern India, near the kali-river. Most of the population here is occupied in agriculture, some in manufacturing and some in…

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Discovering the True Beauty of Fiji

Bula! a greeting used by Fijians, literally meaning “life” but mostly for welcoming someone. Located to the north east of Australia and north of New Zealand, Fiji consists of number of islands and small islets. Seen those preloaded screensavers of clear waters and beaches consisting of pristine sands? Well that’s Fiji in the flesh. Travelling…

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10 Best Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar

Sensational landmarks and astounding sights of Mahabaleshwar – one of the best traveling destination offers the real treat to travelers! Surely the travelers to India will not get disappointed. This wonderful tourist spot is situated at a high altitude of 1,372m. This wonderful traveling destination offers astounding panoramic views of magnificent mountains and chill wonderful climate. You…

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