10 Travel Tips for Rajasthan

Rajasthan has its rich heritage and culture, because of which it is known not only in the Asian continent but also across the globe. The authentic and colourful essence of Rajasthan is found in its markets, its dances, and also in the population itself. This is the largest state of the country. The state is…

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Samoa a Paradise Island

Samoa Island is half way between New Zealand and Hawaii. It is a treasured island of the south pacific and the heart of Polynesia. Samoa is a natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each offering very distinct and different environment to explore. Samoa is blessed with stunning land and seascapes. The people here are very…

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Traveling Tips to Visit Vilnius

Vilnius,the capital of Lithuania  is famous for it’s bustling café culture and medieval heritage. You can spend time wandering along the cobbled streets of Vilnius, the largest medieval  town  in Central and eastern Europe. One can take in the sights of the architecture which merges with the elements of gothic, renaissance, baroque and Russian. You…

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Discovering the True Beauty of Fiji

Bula! a greeting used by Fijians, literally meaning “life” but mostly for welcoming someone. Located to the north east of Australia and north of New Zealand, Fiji consists of number of islands and small islets. Seen those preloaded screensavers of clear waters and beaches consisting of pristine sands? Well that’s Fiji in the flesh. Travelling…

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