The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Traveling In Europe

traveling Europe

Planning a trip to Europe anytime soon, make sure to prepare yourself on the do’s and don’ts of international travel, to avoid the unnecessary hassle later on.

Europe can be an amazing place to visit but besides the normal “take care of your possessions” and “don’t leave anything unattended” , It is always wise to brush up on a few tips.

Traveling with only a credit card

Don’t expect to roam around Europe with only a credit card and little or no cash. Many places and even restaurants, taxis and cafes all require cash payments. You can always withdraw cash at the local ATMs, but remember as a rule of thumb not to withdraw too much as to incur huge fees and also not too much to feel insecure of theft, also take care of pick-pockets!

Traveling With a Credit card

If cash is not for you, then here are a few tips while using a credit card. Make sure to carry along a credit card that’s got good exchange offers, to avoid coming home to exorbitant exchange fees. Also make sure while researching the various cards out there in the market, to select a card whose security chip allows you to withdraw cash at most ATMs. Certain card’s chips are not fully synced with European banks, keep this in mind to avoid being stranded on your journey.

traveling Vatican

VAT Tax Refund

Planning on making some hefty purchases? Make sure to ask the cashier for a tax refund form. After handing over this form at the required airport counter, you can enjoy tax refunds for upto nineteen to twenty five percent on all purchases. Then you can always splurge in duty-free.

Traveling as a Tourist

Wearing flip- flops and baggy pants to every place you visit is a sure fire way to attract unwanted attention. What I mean by unwanted attention is unnecessary high prices and always the problem of pickpockets’. A little effort at dressing can go along way.

Carrying back Food Stuff

Planning on carrying back some food items such as sausages and cheese products? Be sure to check your arriving country’s rules and regulations concerning the same. Really enjoyed those European meats? , eat to your heart’s content before leaving for your country.

Expecting Water to be Free

Ever enjoyed those bread baskets pre-meal and also enjoying the fact that you think that it comes for free? Well it’s not. In certain places in Europe bread baskets and even water come at price although tap water may be free. Where this will not exactly break the bank, it may be an unexpected purchase which could be a problem when funds are especially low. The same goes for public urinals, a small fee maybe charged to relieve one self.

Traveling to the Unexpected

Take the road less traveled by and experience Slovenia’s amazing waterfalls, Croatia’s rocky cliffs, fun festivals on Black sea’s “Bulgarian Rivera”. Besides having a really enjoyable holiday, your trip may come at fraction of the cost.

Not Learning the Language

Traveling to remote places in Europe can pose a difficulty if language becomes a barrier. Download a couple of language apps to get you going on your trip. Also learning a few basic words will give you a more authentic experience also not to mention a few nods from the locals, this can go along way especially if you are lost as the host people will be more willing to help you.

Traveling Light and Right

Avoid lugging around those huge suitcases on your travels. Cobblestoned pathways and big-sized trolley bags don’t bode well for any traveler, not to mention those bus and train rides.

Make sure to check flight rules regarding baggage size and allowance, being even marginally above limits can put you in a tight spot, not to mention your wallet. Preferably carry a small and easily manageable trolley bag and a small shoulder bag for your passport and other essentials.

Traveling on Schedule

While traveling from one place in Europe to another can be easy especially if you’ve got your schedules and travel modes all figured out, make sure to keep in mind any unwarranted delays or problems. Always keep a backup mode or route in mind for any eventualities. Carrying a map or train schedule with you can also go a long way in your travels.

Besides planning all the hotels and your itinerary, it is also important to look out for tips and advice relating to your travel and stay.

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