Flam Norway

Flam is situated on the Aurlandsfjord.  It is also pronounced as Flawm. Flam is located right at the inner end of the world’s deepest and second longest fjord. In this village there is an old church, which one can visit. The electric train from Myrdal is one of the most exciting routes to go to Flam. It is located in Norway. It is known for its beauty that leaves the travellers surprised who come here. There are a number of opportunities of hiking for the travellers. For starting a good day trip to Naeroyfjord, Flam is the best. The most thrilling ride in this world is the Flam Railway. About five to six trains in a day go to Flam, especially in winter.

Flam Norway

Here are the things to do.

FLAM RAILWAY: The journey is about 20 km long. This train runs through the village, where one gets an opportunity to see the spectacular views of the snow crowded mountain. This is one of the remarkable journeys in this place and waterfalls. It gives the travellers a view of Norway’s wildlife, mountain farms, rivers and scenery. This journey is recommended by everyone who has tried it. One must take this journey not once but twice in their lifetime, once in summer and the other in winter.

The SALMON CENTER: This is situated at the banks of Laerdal River, at Norway. It is in the innermost part of Sognefjord. This is one of the most famous rivers in Norway. In this river salmon fish are found. This centre gives information about the salmon fish. It also gives the whole history about the Atlantic salmon. It gives information about the population and also about the survival of the salmon fish.

FJORD SAFARI: This is located at Flam guide service. The price of the ticket for this ride is 560 NOK. This safari is very famous in flam. It is distinguished into three different categories. One can make a choice between a basic Fjord Safari, Heritage Fjord Safari and a Heritage taste Fjord Safari. During this journey, the tour stops at different places and gives the required historical and cultural information about that place. One will also get a chance to spot the different wildlife of the different villages.

STEGASTEIN VIEWPOINT: This is found in Aurland, Norway. The ticket price for this is 200 NOK. People can visit this view point from 10 am to 5 pm. Flam is a beautiful place in Norway. It is incomplete without its viewpoints. This view point was built so as to give the tourists the best view of the beautiful village. This is done through a panoramic view.  This view point attracts many tourists from all over the world.

BORGUND STAVE CHURCH: This is located at Borgund. Norway has many churches but the Borgund church has the best beauty amongst the others. This church was built in 1180. It is considered as the best preserved church.

BREKKEFOSSEN WATERFALL HIKE: If you would like to hike then Flam is the best place. It is easily accessible. The first part is on a paved road and then there is a climb to the waterfall. Note that the climb is rather steep and you need good walking shoes. Brekkefossen is not an attractive place, But if you like hiking and want to escape the crowd, then it’s definitely a nice hike to consider.

FJORD CRUISE: experience a  fjord cruise . It makes a stopover at Undredal that is known for its goat’s cheese and little Stave church. The round trip includes a Fjord cruise on Naeroyfjord, bus transfer, guided tour and tasting menu. If you opt to begin the round trip in Flam, there are coaches from Flam to Gudvangen and from Undredal Back to Flam.


NATIONAL CYCLE ROUTES; if you are an experienced cyclist, determined to see Norway with its many Fjords and mountains from the seat of your bicycle, then the national cycle routes is just the right thing for you.

MORE THINGS TO DO IN FLAM: these above activities are the best things to see and do in flam in one day. If you have more time, then there are always more options. You can go Kayaking on the fjord, do more hiking and rent a bike. In flam village you can also visit the Aurland shoe shop sand tour the small factory. And if you like beer, don’t miss the Aegir Brew Pub.

WHERE TO STAY IN FLAM AREAS: there are just three hotels in flam and a couple of holiday homes and apartments. It is a very popular area, so it is essential that you book in advance.

Experience the essence of Norwegian Fjords, mountains and valleys, all summed up in this round trip that can be enjoyed in peace and comfort.