Best Things To Do in Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is the most romantic and beautiful island in the world. The main island is surrounded by the lagoon, barrier reef and tiny islets which the water warm.

Things to Do and See


Rising 2400 feet above the lagoon, it is one of the two extinct volcanos in the center of the island. A trip to this island without visiting Mount Otemanu is incomplete. You can take the help of 4 * 4 tours, helicopter ride or a boat to get you to mountain. Its breathtaking view and its beauty are outstanding. The adventurous travelers can make their way up the mountain by hiking.

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Many tours offer 4*4 Excursion around the island allowing you to explore the nooks and corners of the island, also allowing you to learn the historical and cultural aspects of the island. They also offer customized tour for the travelers allowing them to choose whether they need a relaxing ride, a bumpy ride or an adventure ride.

You can either choose a half day tour or a full day tour ending with a view of sunset or even take the wild deep safari jungle treks. The guides give you detailed information about the historical and cultural facts of this island and also take you through a vast scenic beauty.

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The lagoon’s clear and warm water along with coral gardens make it a snorkelers’ paradise and coral garden section is easiest to reach. The reef is not far below the water; with the help of snorkel you can catch the corals and the colorful fishes. It’s better to wear water shoes or socks as the beaches are not sandy but full of corals and might be rocky. The coral gardens are filled with many colorful fishes. You can also take a boat trip to just pass through the coral garden.

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Travelers visit Vaitape city mainly for shopping and eateries. There is also the tourist office. There is lot of local shops selling souvenir, which are not costly, you can also buy beautiful black pearl jewellery. The streets are lined up with these local shops.


The tour offer a life time memorable experience wherein the tourist can interact with the native blacktip reef sharks and stingray in their natural habitat. Here you can plunge into the deep Pacific Ocean and float or swim along with the fishes. The water is deep but the water is crystal clear and if you are lucky you can even see the lemon shark. Swimming with these sharks is safe that’s why it is one of the most fun loving activities in here for family as well.

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It is one of the best long stretched white sand beaches. It is the first best beaches in the World and is the only public beach in Bora Bora

You are sure to love the Tahiti food too. The most famous and traditional exotic tropical food is the Poisson cru, it is basically a raw fish marinated, and seasoned with coconut milk and lime


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