The Best You should Know about St. Barts Island

St. Barts Island, Saint Barthelemy is located in the north east of the Caribbean Sea. This island is just made up of rocks and it is eight miles away from an electic mix of iguanas, night blooming cactus and the eye catching beaches. St. Barts Island is a hilly island with many sheltered inlets and picturesque, quiet beaches. St Barts is an intimate, prestigious little rock in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. St Barts island stands alone and it has an independent and strong personality.  As soon as one lands at the Gustave III Airport, one will find itself entered into another world, a faraway place with no worries of everyday life. The words such as luxury, serenity, excellence, etc are less to describe this place. The name of the island itself is imbibed with magic. The natural beauty and security of peoples and their belongings are major priorities in Saint Barts.

Accommodation in St Barts:

St Barts Island has everything that can attract and satisfy the needs of its guests. There is a wide range of accommodation that includes 70% luxury villas and 30% hotels. The island also offers the rent service to the people.   Visitors will not find large resorts here. Instead Boutique hotels and private villas peek from behind veils of tropical foliage.

Here’s everything a first time visitors should know before planning a trip:

St Barts is the best place for relaxation with the average temperatures of about 80oF with peaks at 95o. The water here is warm and one can do diving, deep-sea fishing, wind surfing, surfing, sailing or motorboat excursions, jet skis, kite surf, etc. Not only these, but the island is also known for its fine dining. There are large numbers of varieties of food that shows you the culinary styles from French to a West Indian flavour.

St. Barts

St Barts Beaches:

There are in total 14 beaches present here. These beaches are blessed with gleaming white sand and are usually crowded during peak seasons. These beaches have free entry. There are many hotels and restaurants at flamands.

Few beaches are the saline beach, governor beach, Colombia’s beach, st Jean bay beach, Grand Cul de Sac Beach and Flamands Beach etc.

By Night when the sun goes down the island starts living up to its glamorous reputation. The swankiest spot for dinner is almost always Bonito saint Barth, A Latin French restaurant. If travelling as a couple then go to jean George’s romantic on the rock at Eden rock and prepare to fall in love all over again. Most of the nightlife in St Bart is centred on Gustavia, though there are a few places to go outside of town. Theme parties are the current trend. Some of the famous restaurants are Bar de I’Oubli, le Nikki beach, le repaire and le select.

St Barts offer packed calendar of festivals and events. The festival is held at the end of April. In January St Barts music festival features top level musician from around the world. Ballet was introduced in 1988 and jazz in 1989. Also in January carnival celebration includes parades along the streets of Gustavia. Other popular festivals celebrate sporting events such as sailing and windsurfing.

St Barts is a popular yachting and sailing center. On St Jean beach for over 30 years this outfit lets you try windsurfing, kayaking and stand-up paddling, rent water bikes and gives kids windsurf lesson. You can rent beach chairs for the day here.

Jicky Marine service company also offers private full day outings on motorboats, zodiacs and 42-or 46- foot catamarans to the uninhabited lle fourcher for swimming , snorkelling, cocktail or lunch as well as weekly half and full day group cruises and twice weekly group sunset catamaran cruises.

Shopping at St Barts:

St Barts is a duty free port. The shoppers are very delighted with the number of shops available there. There are many elegant displays of various things that attract the people from all over especially for beachwear, accessories, jewellery and casual wear.

It is for this reason that certain celebrities regularly choose St Barts island to live peacefully and undisturbed.

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