The Best Beach to Enjoy Your Holidays

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The AS CATEDRAIS BEACH a Spanish beach also known as Praia de Augas Santa THE BEACH OF THE HOLY WATERS. This beach is visited by those who seek to discover the Jaw dropping wonders of the world. The beach has natural arches and caves that are seen only during low tide. , The caves occur in different sizes from small cracks in the rocks to massive openings. There are sand corridors between rocky blocks, tall rocky arches, dozen meter long caves etc amazes the eyes of those who visit the beach. The BEACH of CATHEDRALS is one of the Top 10 beaches in the world.

The British virgin island The BATHS:  This beaches have a unique landscape. It is located on the Virgin Gorda islands of the British Virgin Islands. It is one of the biggest tourist destinations in this region. The beach is surrounded by tidal pools, arches, scenic grottoes, tunnels and land forms. Swimming and snorkelling are popular activities here.

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The Beaches of Goa: GOA is a tourist spot visited by hundreds of thousands of tourist from all the corners of the globe. Goa is a part of India. Goa beaches are sunny and sandy with greenery forming the backdrop and the blue waters of the ocean washing the shores. The beaches in Goa offer variety of aqua sport like Knee boarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, water skiing, scuba diving and more. Dolphin viewing is a popular activity here. Goa is famous for its nightlife, cafes, and bars,  parties, beach festivals and much more. Luxury hotels and affordable hotels both are available for the tourist from all walks of life. Churches and convents are a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

GLASS BEACHES CALIFORNIA: This beach is located in California’s MaxKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg . It is famous for its sea glass deposits along the beach. The story behind this beach is this site was used for dumping waste like glass materials, Vehicle Parts, etc.  Nature created beauty out of crap. As the waves of the seas pounded the shores the glass and pottery were broken down and formed round pebble like particles of varying colours. This Glass Beaches have its unique beauty where the glass pebble shines like jewels on the beaches. It is a famous tourist spot.

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BORA BORA FRENCH POLYNESIA: It is one of the tropical beaches in the world. This island is surrounded by lagoons and a barrier reef. In the centre there are remnants of an extinct volcano. The white sandy beaches here provide plenty of sunshine and are dotted with rows of coconut trees. The attractive landscape of the beaches of BORA BORA attract tourist in large numbers.

HANALEI BAY – HAWAII-USA:  Hanalei means CRESCENT BAY. It is one of the best beaches in Hawaii. This spacious bay island features a smooth crescent of pristine white sand backed by lush green forest, misty mountains and sparkling waterfalls. This beaches are flanked by rivers and coral reefs. This beach is a perfect destination for water sports.

DRUIDSTONE WALES; HORSERIDING; galloping across the sand with your horse splashing in the waves, Have anyone dreamt of? Yes head to Pembrokeshire with Nolten Stables which will match your ability to one of its 60 horses and ponies and take you riding on the Druid stone beach on the St David’s peninsula.

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