The Most Beautiful Islands in the Caribbean



There are mostly more smaller countries in the Caribbean than any other place in the world, with some countries smaller than a large US city, and with a minority of 20,000 inhabitants.

The Island has an attractive and sometimes dark history, and with the variety of colonial influences, there is major mix of cultures to gain your attention, as well as beaches, water sports and mind refreshment in tropical island paradises.


Know More About The Island:

The area generally known as the “Caribbean” situated between the continents of Mexico.  This island curls up in a quarter parts from the coast of Venezuela and ending up near to southern Florida.

In case you ponder, Columbus first reached the land on what he named San Salvador now which is a part of the Bahamas group of islands.

It has its own sea, grandly named the Caribbean Sea, but also known by many people as the SEA OF ANTILLES, usually for those in Europe.


Reason to Catch The Island Beauty:

This region gives you a variety of selection of destinations, generally giving you the best value of experiences with a mind-refreshing climate and beautiful outdoors and beach views.


Location of The Island:

The geography differs from island to island .Some of the well-known flat non-volcanic islands include Barbados, Aruba and the Cayman Islands and some famous volcanic islands include Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Hispaniola.

The trait then differs with the makeup of the island.  For example, the mountainous islands are known for their attractive water scenes.  Some even have wonderful caves lined with stalagmites and stalactites.

Heart of Tourist:

The leading tourist activities in the Caribbean incline to rotate around the typical ‘sea, sun, sand and surf’ type activities.

If you move inland off the beaches, you will feel more remarkable of each island, with an opportunity to cherish some of the inland features like bloomy bushes and forest, sometimes-volcanic mountains and beautiful waterfalls, and the different history and culture of each island people and the towns/cities they reside in.


Passionate nightlife, and captivating cuisine are the attractions on offer.


Language Spoken:

English is largely spoken in the island of Caribbean, certainly in the areas that are more concentrating on inbound tourism.

Trusting on each island’s colonial past, you will find many other European languages spoken as well (primarily Spanish and French).


A Caribbean Dream Holiday:

There is a reasoning why vacations to this island are so famous with tourists. The variety beauty and fun that this island offers are simply good and should be seen to be believed.

Most people choose to either fly to a certain Caribbean place or otherwise to travel by sea that travels between a numbers of the different islands.

Some cruises cover certain parts of the region only of the Caribbean, which is commonly divided into three – the east, the west, or the south.


So pack your bags and get ready to live your dreams with excitement and adventure.

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