Azerbaijan is the largest country in Caucasus region of Eurasia. This amazing country has plenty of fascinating travel destinations and interesting tourist attractions where the “The land of fire “meets the” unique Mud Volcanoes”. Azerbaijan tourism offers stunning UNESCO declared cultural and natural heritage sites to see, unique souvenirs, handicrafts shop and delicious Halal food.

Visitor’s visting Azerbaijan can experience the unique medical spa therapy. Adventure seekers and seasoned travellers can take additional activities like skiing, nature hike, and trek the country side. Azerbaijan offer a lot as a quick weekend getaway destination from the Middle East. The country has a typical European charm coupled with Middle Eastern, Turkish, Iranian and Canadian cultural elements.

Here is some of the ‘Land of Fire’s most beautiful spots.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum is located in a building modelled on the shape of a rolled carpet. This museum showcases a rich collection of beautiful carpets and artefacts.


Baku is one of the beautiful places in Azerbaijan. It is known for its modern city centre and historical old town. The Flame Towers form the capitals focal point and light up after sundown. Icheri Sheher the medieval core exhibits Islamic styles of architecture, while lavish European facades line up the Old city. The most beautiful attraction is along Baku Boulevard a long promenade near the Caspian Sea.

Yanar Dag Mountain: This Mountain has natural gas burning for thousands of years. The flames go up to three metres from the ground and it doesn’t cause any destructions. It is so fascinating that the flames burn continuously without ever dying off.

Nightlife: Baku is a city of contrast, bright colours, fire and winds. This is a city where unhurried clerks and restless night clubbers come together on the shores of the Caspian Sea. There is one of the biggest night clubs in the region .Stars from all around the world flock here to perform on the stage of the Crystal Hall .It is a venue equipped with the state of the art concert technology. The colourful streets of the capital light up with Baku’s numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs, wine bars. Other venues invite you to join in the party or enjoy a delightful gastronomic evening.

Spending a summer vacation on the beach is an all time classic favourite. For the last few years Azerbaijan has become a popular tourist destination among foreigners. Thanks to Caspian Sea. The mild warm climate gives Baku residents a chance to skip off the beach season in May and swim in the warm waves of the Caspian until September. It’s not only affordable and the good level of service, but also the healing and relaxing ambiance. The pure sea, the therapeutic sanatoria on the shore and a rich diverse natural environment makes the beach all the more beautiful.

The Maiden Tower is a beautiful piece of architecture that everyone will love to visit. It has served many purposes over the years ranging from a tax collection area to a defence tower and a lighthouse. Visitors to Azerbaijan will definitely want to see the Maiden Tower as there is so much history and culture to be absorbed here.

Ateshgah of Baku is a well known temple that is famous all over the world due to its unique aspects. Visitors from all over the world come here to see the incredible natural gas outlets that the surrounding area is famous for. The structure of the temple is very unique and intriguing and visitors will thoroughly enjoy spending time admiring the beauty of it.

Tourist can visit Azerbaijan in any season. The main and the most spectacular season can be enjoyed who visits Azerbaijan. Spring is the annual Novruz holiday. It is the symbol of nature’s rebirth. Winter is a lovely season for lovers of local food and Azerbaijani culinary surprises.

Azerbaijan has much more to offer visitors at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.