Namibia is the oldest desert in the world. It is an extremely unique environment which stretches from South Africa along the coast of Namibia and into Angola to the North. Another great scenic area that can be experienced is where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a home to one of the tallest dunes in the world. The dunes stand perfectly along the water creating beautiful scenery which can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Unmatched stargazing: together with Chile and Hawaii, Namibia is considered to be one of the top destinations in the world, with its generally cloudless night sky, especially in summer months with minimal contamination by artificial light and air pollution and views constellations. Namibia has perfect stargazing conditions. At night Namibia’s clear desert skies are lit by millions of stars. Wrap up warm and sit under the bright blaze of the milk way counting shooting stars as they streak across the sky. Many lodges also have telescope or offer star talks, pointing out various constellations with a high power laser.


Namibia takes full advantage of its oceans and deserts, making it a great place for active travelers and adrenaline junkies. There are lots of activities like quad biking, sand boarding to kite and wind surfing, hiking, horseback riding and camping.

Romantic Escape: If you’re looking for some times away to reconnect, then Namibia is definitely for you. Pick from a selection of small, exclusive lodges many of them offering romantic extras sunset picnic for two or cosy star bed where you can snuggle down under the starry skies of the Namibia.

There are lot of activities where one will never forget especially days in Etosha focus on game drives in search of rhino, elephant, cheetah and lion, while in Sossusvlei you can go on a dawn hot air balloon safari-drifting over the desert as the colour bleed into the landscape. A number of lodges also offer quad biking and if you visit coastal swakopmund. You can pick from a list of adrenaline activities that includes sand boarding and sky diving.

World’s Tallest Sand Dunes: The iconic dunes of Sossusvlei glows red early in the morning light. It’s a magical feeling standing at the foot of these towering dunes. Set off early and climb to the top for the incredible views out over the sea of sand.

Sunrises and sunsets:  In Namibia sunrises and sunsets are celebrated. At these times of day the colours of the desert are at their most vibrant and there’s nothing like the soft dawn light casting its warming glow on sand dunes or toasting the sunset amongst the orange and purple mountains of Damaraland.

Skeleton Beach is a place where you’d rather not be, unless you are a part of a tour. The locals have named the skeleton beach “The Land God created in Anger”. If by chance you happen to be stranded there the chances of survival are around zero percent.

Whale watching at Walvis Bay: the city of Walvis Bay is the industrial hub and main harbour of Namibia. It is a rich place in terms of finance. There is also a street called the Millionaires Mile just next to the bay boulevard. Walvis is also a home to some beautiful marine life. They are whales, dolphins, seals, Mola Molas, and Penguins. The majestic animal pelicans frequently land on the boats.

Visiting Namibia is dreams come true.