If there is anything I have learnt from my frequent work related travels, then it is this – when you’re travelling to any city other than your own, there are a lot of things which can go wrong. So you need to plan as much as you can and prepare accordingly, if you want your trip to go as smoothly as it possibly can. That is why I always use Blacklane whenever I’m travelling to another city, be it for business or pleasure. And I thank my stars that I booked Chicago airport transfer services from them during my last trip to Chicago. Blacklane saved my day this time, and here’s how.

What Is Blacklane and How They Operate:

For those of you who don’t know, Blacklane is an app based car service provider which currently operates in more than 236 cities. However, the most impressive service offered by them is their airport transfer services. You can book trips to and from more than 400 airports all over the world through their app, at any time, from anywhere. With Blacklane’s airport transfer services, you can schedule your ride before you even take off. And that, is the beauty of Blacklane.

I don’t know about you, but I personally do not line to stand there in a long queue at the prepaid taxi stands waiting for my ride, especially when I’m on a business trip. Just the convenience of knowing that your ride and your driver will be waiting for you at the airpo rt as soon as you land, made Blacklane a must for me.

Along with this, the notch quality of service provided by Blacklane has converted me as one of their repeat customers. The cars are great looking and really comfortable and the drivers are well behaved and professional. They even include one hour of complimentary waiting time with their airport transfer services, so you won’t need to hurry at the luggage belt. However one of the features that they offer is a lifesaver. During my last trip to Chicago, I had a first-hand experience of this feature, and it truly was a blessing!

How Blacklane Saved My Day:

The feature I’m talking about is their inbuilt flight tracker system. You see, when you book an airport transfer service from Blacklane, you will have to put in your flight number. And that is how the magic happens. They use the flight numbers to track all the flights of their customers in real time, and they automatically adjusts the pickup times according to the flights’ current schedule.

Now I didn’t know about this feature before my last trip. I came to New York for some business. From there I was going to Chicago which was a business trip as well, and my flight got delayed by nearly six hours. So now instead of landing by 8 PM, I will be reaching Chicago at 2 AM! I was stuck in there airport with my luggage, worried that I have to cancel my ride and if I can book a new ride for such an odd pickup time.

However I fired up their app and opened my upcoming rides thinking I have to cancel it, only to find that my pickup time has already been updated! Their integrated flight tracking system had worked its magic, and my ride was automatically rescheduled according to the updated arrival time of my flight! That was such a relief.

Getting stuck in an airport is hectic enough. The fact that I didn’t had to go through the pain of cancelling my ride and try to book a new one was really a blessing after such a hectic day. This single feature itself has made me a permanent customer of Blacklane. If you have never tried them before, I strongly recommend you to try them out at least once too. I personally can assure you, that you’ll have the best airport transfer experience, ever!