Anda Bohol

Anda Bohol is blessed with a mystic touch visible through the various spots where a glance is spelled by a feeling of comfort and refuge. Every place in Anda Bohol attunes you to the sight and sound of nature, its historical past and spiritual passion of the community. Anda Bohol holds something of a surprise in the remote corner of a far off island. You will find a group of delightfully good beachfront resorts. Anda Bohol is strictly for those who seek a genuinely tranquil hideaway. Other than diving and swimming there is not much to do anything except relaxing and chilling out.

Have a cocktail at one of Anda Bohol s resort: The best way to enjoy your downtime in Anda Bohol is by having a refreshing drink from the bar. Enjoy your cocktail with stunning views of the beach or your resort’s property preferably as the sun begins to set. As the sun sets completely, enjoy happy hours with martini or your favourite vodka based drinks. Dining is not a problem there are plenty of restaurant along Quinale Beach and in Poblacion to choose from R&S Resto bar. For those in Budget there are also plenty of eateries in a row, particularly in Food centre near the public market.

Dip and dive into cave pools: Anda Bohol is blessed with beautiful and cool cave pools. Anda Bohol is made mostly of limestone. So every year due to geological activities coupled with heavy rains and harsh weather, cave pools like Cabagnow were formed. If you can’t dive then you can go down through a metal ladder. There are also other caves like Cateres cave pool, Combento cave pool, Banilad Cave and Balwarte Cave.

Explore Anda Bohol’s rich underwater world: Anda Bohol is blessed to be a part of a reef, with various coral formations, walls, even underwater caves. Just a few meters way from the shore you can go snorkelling, but if you want to go deeper and see more marine life diversity a dive is a must. There are many diving sites in Anda Bohol. To name a few there is Chameleon which is perfect for the beginners. Paradise Garden diving site is best for snorkelling. Those who love to dive in caves should head to Snappers Cave.

A top tourist attraction in Anda Bohol is Quinale beach, dubbed as one of the best beaches in Bobhol. The sand is so fine that it feels like you are stepping on powdered milk. Quinale beach has sprawling palm fringed sand offering tourists a lot of space for playing volleyball and Frisbee. It is also a good spot for picnic with its charming open huts. Apart from Quinale Beach there are other beaches like Talisay Beach, Bituon Beach, Camilagan Beach, Bugnaw Beach and Arthoghin Beach.

Experience Dujanon festival on every 3rd Monday of January. It is the towns biggest and the only festival. The feast is in honour of the only image of Senor St. Nino de Anda Bohol. This is characterised by street dancing and rustic interpretative dance competition. Dujanin is a Boholano term which comes from the word Duyan which means a native crib with a rope tied in both ends used to comfort a baby. Dujanon competing group will perform in street dancing and an interpretative and dramatic dance presentation in the town plaza.

There are different types of accommodation to choose from high end beach front resorts to interior hotels, guest houses and even home stay. Few of them are R&S Seaside Unit, Anda Bohol de Bora cay, Anda Bohol Cove Beach Retreat, Amun-Ini Beach resort and spa.

More than the beaches and cave pools there are some interesting things to do .Just watching the magnificent sunrise or just lazing in its fine white sand, simple yet priceless pleasures that will make you fall in love with the place, without a doubt Anda Bohol are divine.