Amazing Places at Karwar


Karwar has a jaw dropping scenic beauty and also with this it has a sparkle of religion and history. It is a city situated in Uttara Kannada district, which lies on the west coast of Southern India, near the kali-river. Most of the population here is occupied in agriculture, some in manufacturing and some in tourism. Karwar has derived its name from the village known as Kadwad. Kade means last and wado means area.  The town is known for its fine muslin, a plain-woven cotton fabric. And not forgetting the local artisans who are skilled in sandalwood carvings of many items. The best season to visitKarwar is from October to February. It takes two days to complete visiting the important places in Karwar. It is located 100 km away from goa. It is the starting point to the thrills of the sea, sand and sun.

The Karwar beach is one of the famous beaches in Karnataka, where tourists enjoy its sun drenches, cool blue waters and the coastline. Its surrounding is embedded with many Virgin Islands. The one, well known island the Devbagh Island, where one can enjoy snorkelling and diving. Other than its beaches, Karwar has a lot more to offer. There is a fort known as Sadashivgad hill fort which consists of a temple dedicated to goddess Durga. Other than this there is lot more things to do in Karwar. The three amazing things that make Karwar an amazing place for the tourists are as follows:

Water sports


One going to Karwar and missing this is not just done. One should go for snorkelling and scuba to experience the underwater flora and fauna. The Devbagh beach resorts provide the tourist trained professional instructors. The best time to do snorkelling is from the month of October to February. This is because the water is clear during this time. Other months would not be preferable as the water is not so clear all-round the year. Along with snorkelling and dolphin spotting there are many other water sports like- kayaking and banana boat rides, etc. There are also many adventure centres which are mostly associated with the various lodges and resorts. Dolphin spotting is one of the most fun activities especially for the kids. This activity is available throughout the year. If one is lucky, they may spot the dolphins jumping out of the water.



In this sport one can swim underwater with the help of a scuba, scuba diving is completely different from snorkelling. In scuba diving one has to be well trained for a couple of days. It requires more effort and equipment’s than snorkelling.  It is a wonderful experience to see the tropical fish which makes it no less thrilling.

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