Advice for Transgender Travelers

Transgender Travelers

No matter how much we debate on the LGBT topic, it is true that many parts of the world still doesn’t really welcome people from LGBT communities. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and Transgender Travelers face a lot of harassment on roads, hotels and other public places.

The same thing happens when you decide to travel. It is rather difficult for people from the transgender community to travel, owing to the numerous incidents that happen all over the world every day. So, here are a few advices for gays and transgender travelers so that they can enjoy their trip without any kind of trouble.

Choose your Destination very carefully:

There are certain cities which welcome people from the Transgender Travelers with open arms. These countries have been known for their flexibility and open mindedness. Cities  like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal, Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam are pretty cool with transgender and they generally don’t have any problems with people belonging o that communities.

Hence, these can be great options if you are planning a vacation.  On the other hand, some parts of Asia, Ethiopia, Brunei and many more countries are not very acceptable when it comes to Transgender Travelers.

Always try to travel in Groups:

It is always better to travel in groups compared to individual trips. There are a lot of travel agencies that cater to Transgender Travelers. In such a case, they take care of everything, starting from booking of hotels, to travelling places and so on. This reduces a lot of headache as it is difficult to attack a group and you will be able to travel without any kind of trouble in mind.

Book with International hotel brands:

Local hotels can be very conservative at times. International Hotels are hassle free when it comes to all this because they are generally very progressive and they are always willing to adjust with the diversity of the customers who come to stay at their hotels. So, it is easier to stay without people judging or interfering in your trip.

Take help of a Travel Agent:

There are a lot of times when you yourself wouldn’t be comfortable to speak up, even when you are embarrassed or insulted because you belong to the Transgender Travelers.

In such a case, you can take the help of a travel agent who will fix all hotels and places you want to travel. They will make sure that your family or you never come across any such questions that might embarrass you or make you uncomfortable. You will never be asked or questioned about your orientation. Neither will your children face any kind of trouble because of this.

There is nothing wrong in being what you are. Every individual should be proud of his or her orientation and this should never demotivate you from doing what you really love. So, if you really like traveling, let your orientation not stop you or make you think twice. Go ahead and fulfill all you dreams. Happy travelling!


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