About Me



Hi to fellow traveler and travel blogger,

My Name is Jessica, CEO of Dirbit.com and author of few travel expedition, who has dedicated her whole life to solo adventure travelling around the world. I am very fond of outdoor adventures in extreme sports, photography and travel. I am an enthusiastic campaigner of accumulating fantastic travel experiences. I have been traveling around the world since 2000 and designed Dirbit.com to share my travel experience, thereby helping them to spending money less and travel more.


From first time travelers to well-seasoned travel enthusiasts I am trying to give you latest and clear cut travel advice; hassle free city guide and travel pictures and posts around the world.   I learnt so many things during those travel time; travel taught me how to live with less and how to compromise effectively for a successful living. I am pleased to talking with the locals and exploring deep into their culture for the benefit of my Readers.


Whether you are planning for a short holiday or a long term trip; my tips and my travel experience will surely help you to achieve your desire for travel. Here in Dirbit.com I am trying to help fellow travelers in an entertaining as well as informative via travel articles, so feel free to take a look around my site, your advice and suggestion is most welcome.


When I   started my blog I have no idea about what to write and I have just written few of my travel expedition around the world afterwards I have been making numerous improvements now and then. Thanks for those who inspired me.


I have traveled worldwide and tried all sorts of expeditions; tried varieties of food came across various critical situations. With my past and present experience I am trying to help others to realize their dream travel within their budget. I have more than five years of travel blogging experience. My passion for learning new things around me and sportiveness made me a successful travel blogger I guess.Jessica

Reviews and Promotions

I am readily available to review and promote travel activities, tours, accommodations, Hotels and all travel related things in written articles or high definition videos. I have worked with a number of travel brands over a short period of time and am negotiating with popular travel magazine for partnership.

We have bunch of hotel reviews in hand and if you want to know more use Contact Us. For Ads we have only few spots available and it will be allotted first come first serve basis and for current rates and more details drop us an email if you are interested in working with us to promote your brand and services.