Why Abisko is One of the Best Places in Sweden


The name Abisko is a Lapp meaning “OceanForest”. It is a most popular winter destinations in Northern Sweden and also a unique and fantastic destination. There is a typical alpine valley here with a rich variety of flora and fauna. This is a driest part of Sweden and has a relatively long hiking season. This place is on the southern shore of Lake Torne Trask having scenic valley, a lake and an island.Absiko is very expensive place.

There are many activities to keep you occupied for several days. Like dog sledding, Snow Shoe hike with moose on the way, Ice wall climbing. During summer month from May to August there are wide range of exciting activities on offer in Abisko, hiking into the mountains, fishing canoeing and mountain biking and golf under the midnight sun on a fantastic golf course.


TorneTrask is a mesmerizing view along the eastern side. It is surrounded by a beautiful lake, trees and hills/mountains in the backdrop. It is a frozen beauty where the lake is frozen and one can walk on it if the ice is strong enough to hold you. It is the sixth largest lake in Sweden.

Abisko National Park is the most beautiful landscape. It is very stunning. The snow is dry and powdered .The water fall looks beautiful fully frozen and the beautiful canyon is surrounded by a river. It is the best place to experience Aurora Borealias. KUNGSLEDAN TRAIL is the starting point of the National park where you can start the hike in summer.


Achairlift takes passengers to Mount Nuolja to the Aurora Sky Station which offers visitors a beautiful view over Lapporten, the Abisko Alps and Tornetrask. Abisko is one of the best centres for watching the midnight sun. This is seen from June 5 to July 4.

During the winter nightswhen it turns darks which depends on the weather conditions it is possible to see the Northern lights dancing in the sky around you from this fantastic vantage point.  It is said that Abisko is the best place in Europe.

Take a day trip to Sami village 45 minutes away from Abisko and see the traditional lifestyle of the reindeer people and Sami people .During the adventure you can feed the reindeer and take a ride on a traditional sled behind the reindeer. After your ride you are trained to learn how to identify different reindeer based on their personal characteristic and behaviour.


Experience the fantastic Ofoten fjord and see the amazing seaeagle close to you. It is an area characterized by the fjords surrounded by mountains with jagged peaks reaching 1900 mts

Some of the hotels where you can put up are Abisko Mountain Lodge, Best western Narvik Hotels. A short trip to the world famous Ice hotel where one can spend their day looking round the amazing Ice Church and Ice Bar learning about how this kindof hotel is designed and created each year. And one can also stay overnight in a snow or ice room if they can bear it.

For an appetising lunch or dinner Aurora Pub and Restaurants  and Abisko Mackamat are some of the restaurants where you can visit.



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