When you are looking for somewhere to stay that you can call base on vacation it is essential that you manage to choose a hotel that ticks all the important boxes like right location and the facilities you need.

Here is a look at some of the things you need to ask and check in order to end with the right hotel, including balancing location against price, tips on amenities, an insight into reviews, plus a reminder to think about extras being added to your bill.

Location considerations

The likely dilemma you face when choosing a hotel for location is whether being somewhere near the heart of a city, which would be great if that’s where you want to be, is a price worth paying in terms of the rate being charged and parking options.

If you are heading to a major iconic destination like the heart of Washington, the Marriott situated a short distance from the White House is a good example of a top location, but you can quite rightly expect to pay more than a downtown motel.

Decide how important location is and whether you want to be close to the main restaurants, other amenities, and balance that against your budget. Also, check that parking is an option if you are arriving by car, or factor that extra cost into your costs.

If you want something more rural, you might be able to step up a grade or two for the same price as a city center hotel.

Pick your preferred amenities

Although location and price are big factors in helping you choose a hotel you want to give plenty of thought to what sort of amenities you really want and which ones you can do without.

If a swimming pool or fitness center are important that can help you filter out hotels that don’t fit the bill.

Make a list of your main things you want access to in your hotel and then check to see which hotels manage to tick the most boxes on your checklist.

Interpreting reviews

There are a couple of sensible rules that are worth following when it comes to choosing a hotel based on the reviews you find online.

You want to try and find an independent review of your hotel if you are going to seek out an opinion from people who have stayed there previously, but the reality is that it generally pays to take most reviews with a large pinch of salt.

Not everyone thinks the same way as you and if someone complains about a bad meal in the restaurant, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have the same experience.

Check the extras

If an internet connection is important to you it would be a good idea to check if free WiFi is on offer or whether there is going to be an extra charge added to the cost of your room.

These little extras can soon add extra weight to the final bill so work out what you need aside from the right room in the right location and check to see if those additions are going to cost you.

Picking the right hotel is not all about price but if you have a strict budget and it’s an important factor, try to make sure you get as many things as possible on your checklist for the right money, by shopping around and deciding what matters and what doesn’t.