Somewhere between the beautiful Cancasus Mountains and the spectacular Black sea in Europe, lays the country of Georgia. This mysterious and fascinating region has something to offer to all sorts of visitors, be it family, romance, adventure, nightlife or shopping, which it is no wonder that tourism in Georgia is booming at such a fast pace with so many place to visit in Georgia. It is packed with charming towns, mouth watering cuisine, world-famous wine, extraordinary historical landmarks, and beautiful churches and monasteries.

If you are a lover of hiking then don’t miss out Mount Kazbek. Mount Kazbek is one of the highest mountains in the region and offers breathtaking panoramic vistas to hikers and climbers.


Vardzia: Nothing to beat a fantastic day-out in the Georgian mountain. Vardzia is a fascinating 12th century monastery or cave city tucked away inside the Georgian mountains. Accessible by a 30-minutes steep climb the monastery is home to a network of mysterious tunnels and rooms that run deep into the Erusheli Mountain. If you love history and a bit of adventure, don’t miss it out.

Paragliding along with the stunning scenery of Georgia is one of the most coveted adventure activities to indulge in the country. Its pristine landscape filled with snowy mountains, green farmlands and beautiful rivers is certainly best savoured with a bird’s eye view while enjoying paragliding, the perfect outdoor adventure in the country.

Nightlife in Georgia is still at a very nascent stage and is mostly limited to the capital city of Tbilisi. Georgian people are very friendly and like to party hard in the city’s various clubs and other nightlife hotspots. Most of the city’s clubs, cafes and restaurants are based in Rustaveli Avenue. Georgian dancer are renowned for their high quality productions and you can get a classy productions at the Rustaveli Georgian Drama Theatre which has a reputation of churning out high quality Shakespeare productions. Another option is to visit the Georgian folk theatre, Nabadi which plays host to amazing performances highlighting the country’s rich, culture and traditions.

Top Blue Ridge Experiences: winter, summer, spring and fall Georgia Blue Ridge is simply beautiful, winter is cool and quiet with occasional snow. Spring is best for trout fishing. Wildflower, blooming dog woods and native azaleas. Blue Ridge is the perfect place to celebrate the harvest and the glorious colour of fall or to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. The best way to experience the beauty of the mountains and countryside is one of our scenic driving tours.

Adventure in Georgia: Rugged terrain, lack of proper roads and diverse landscape make it perfect for 4×4 wheeled drive adventures across this beautiful country. Traversing through on your four wheel drive vehicle you can literally go off road to enjoy the contrasting landscape comprising of deserts, coastal villages, tea plantation, vineyard and High Mountain. 4 x 4 adventure is one of the best adventures in Georgia.

Rafting and kayaking in Georgia: Georgia being a mountainous country has several rivers and streams making it perfect for an exhilarating river rafting and kayaking adventure. River Rafting and kayaking option often varies from Beginners to high level rafting in placid and at places, choppy waters. Most of the river rafting and kayaking are conducted by professional tour operators ensuring safety and providing a sensational experience of adventure in Georgia.

Georgia offers a unique chance to enjoy hunting and fishing. Its rich ecosystem filled with flora and fauna makes it ideal to enjoy the adventure activities of hunting and fishing. There are several farms which allow you to enjoy hunting in game reserves while its beautiful rivers, lakes and Black sea coast are perfect for fishing.