9 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Myanmar


Myanmar, originally Burma is to the left of Thailand and Laos, China to the North and India and Bangladesh borders it to the west.

It is becoming a tourist hotspot in Southeast Asia after years of isolation. The travel advisory below will give one a head start before heading off to an unforgettable country like Myanmar.

Myanmar Travel Advice


Most of the foreigners  need a visa and a valid passport to enter Myanmar.

There is a 14 days exemption for the people coming from the following countries:-







Passport holders from most countries can apply for E-visa. More info can be got from http://evisa.moip.gov.mm/

You can also apply for a tourist visa through a travel agent in your country  or at the Myanmar Embassy. It costs between US$20 upto 50pounds in some European countries.

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Book in Advance

Since Myanmar has recently opened up its borders to foreign visitors, there are few accommodation options and hence finding a place with a good deal is difficult. More options are becoming available, but the best advice is to book a place to stay in advance.

No late Nights

One must not expect to party late into the night. Most of the Country’s top destinations have curfews for visitors as well as locals. Some close at 7pm, while others expect you to be at your accommodation latest by 11pm.

Wifi and Cellphones

Internet is slow and depending on your guesthouse connectivity, it could take a bit of time to even load a page. Cellphones , do exist but majority of the locals prefer using public phones. For foreigners, an inexpensive SIM is available.

Carry crisp US Dollars

One cannot buy Myanmar currency overseas legally. It is advisable to carry USDs, as they are the most preferred currency and is easy to exchange. You must make sure to carry crisp bills as many people refuse to accept the ones that look slightly old. You can get a better exchange rate for higher denominations.

Cash from ATMs

Due to frequent power shortages, withdrawing cash from ATMs is not reliable. It is advisable to carry cash when visiting smaller places. Moreover, a fee of USD 3-5 per withdrawal from ATMs will be charged on international cards.


There are plenty of pagodas in Myanmar. They are lovely with stunning architecture. Wear shoes that can be removed easily because you will have to enter barefoot. Better still, bring some plastic bags in which you can put your shoes while visiting the pagodas.

Dress Code

The Burmese do not show a lot of skin. It is advisable to respect  their culture. Avoid wearing crop tops, hot pants or sleeveless vests, whether to the pagodas or even beaches.

Avoid areas that are restricted

It is advisable to avoid certain regions where ethnic and religious conflicts still continue –  Zones like parts of Rakhine State, Kachin State and border regions with China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh. Better still, check the Myanmar Government  site  or “ultimate tourism transparency” to make sure of the areas to avoid.

Do your research thoroughly before you head off-the-beaten-track.

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