7 Epic International Travel Destinations

Travel Destinations

The traveller’s itch is an insane one, and quenching the thirst is mandatory for a person who has similar genes in their body. Travel destinations across our Mother Earth has varied diversities, something for everyone. Beaches, to mountains, to deserts and manmade islands- name it, and you will find it one corner of this beautiful planet.


Talking about travel destinations, it is essential to mention a few must see.


Beauty of Mother Earth-


UAE is the hub for current development, whether it is the oil industry or technology, it is an uprising graph. Why it stands as a popular travel destinations is obviously because of its booming economy- the beautiful beaches, desert safari is, the tallest building in the world to adventure sports and amazing shopping with delectable cuisine. Who would not fancy a trip to UAE in all its grandeur and glory?

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One of the most visited travel destinations in the world and a hub for tourism, Thailand among various other countries cannot be missed. The beautiful coastal landscapes with bikini laden foreigners and a shopper’s paradise, Thailand will remain a famous vacation spot for time immemorial. It is a comparatively cheaper destination when compared to other countries. Thailand boasts of scenic beaches and beautiful resorts which has top notch hospitality. The Buddhist culture is amalgamated with modern day trends. The best part about any vacation is perhaps the food. Thai cuisine remains one of the most delectable and exquisite cuisine in the world.

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Another famous location to visit and include in your international travelogue is Indonesia. Cultural richness with ethnic variants and varying landscapes from volcano tours to beaches, Indonesia boasts of a booming tourism.

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Perhaps the best and well known travel destinations of a travel freak is Seychelles . If you have endless love for beaches and the ocean, this beautiful destination in the African continent, amidst the Indian Ocean, is hard to miss. Adventure sports and the glass bottom boat cruises and various tours available is a once in a lifetime experience. Be it with friends, family or your other half, these group of islands are mesmerising.


With tourist spots like Turkey, Istanbul has a culturally rich and diverse spectrum for tourists. It is one of the most popular destination in the world, and a paradise for various historians and enthusiasts.

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Perhaps the best nature lovers spot is Kenya. Kenya has all the indigenous wildlife that we have read in books, with exotic wildlife and cultural diversity. The food is a must try, cooked in astounding spices, it will leave your taste buds craving for more and more. Photography skills perhaps blossom when in touch with nature, so close. Wildlife, nature, culture and shopping- Kenya will always remain a popular travel destinations.


Egypt is a true treasure trove for the adventurous. Fascinating tales and immortal history enriched Egypt is one of the most beautiful destination and a must for a travel enthusiast. Not every day do you get to experience the beauty of the mighty desert and gape awestruck at the Pyramids.

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