6 Super Affordable Southeast Asian Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is the most refined place that can provide you with ample options to go for holidaying. There are a lot of destinations that adds a unique charm to this region and makes it the perfect resort for holidays. The most important thing that holiday seekers look for, before planning a vacation is the budget. Here are some places that will fill your holidays with thrill and excitement without creating a stress on your intended expenditure.

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It is remarkable hern of archaeological sites situated in north Cambodia in Southeast Asia. The place also brings a soothing touch of spiritualism with its lavish temples like the massive Angkor Wat temple, the Bayon temple, and Ta Prohm. The infrastructure of the temples brings out the prestigious history of Angkor. Ancient stones have been used to add elegance to them. The trees here are very elongated that leads to a mysterious ambience of the place. The entire art and craftworks of Southeast Asia seems to have been influenced by the rich cultural and historical remains of this place. Besides the place is extremely cheap and affordable as the hotels you opt for are budget friendly and will satisfy you in all aspects.

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From centuries Bali has been always preferred by the holidayers to spent some quality time with their loved ones in complete solitude and without having much trouble in terms of their budget. Situated in Indonesia, Bali offers a spectacular tropical destination to its visitors. A picturesque backdrop supported by coral reefs and lush rice terraces adds extra charm to the location. The villas or the hotels available here gives you a hospitable ambience engulfed in luxury.


This is the land of islands located in northeastern part of Vietnam. The view here takes you to your fantasies of dreamland. Some of the islands have lakes while some are hollow with inhabitation. In both the cases the view is pictorial that gives an extraordinary refreshment to your mind and soul. The place is absolutely feasible in terms of money that makes your vacation all the more happening.

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The capital of Thailand provides a gourmet vacation because of the exclusive culinary skills that it has to offer to its guests in Southeast Asia. It is the perfect spot for opting for shopping or clubbing. The famous floating market is the centre of attraction. The place also has many spiritual locations in terms of the beautiful and massive temples. Besides, hanging out you can also experience a lavish and comfortable stay at the resorts built especially to meet all your requirements at an affordable price.


It is city-state situated at the end of the south of Malay Peninsula. There are many tourist attractive locations with several classy sights like Gardens, Raffles Hotel, The Buddha Tooth Relic Museum, Nature Trails and the zoo. You are sure to have a standardized vacation within your budget.


Those interested in visiting high altitudes should come to this location in Southeast Asia which harbours the highest mountain between the Himalayas and the island of New Guinea. There are also several gardens in the area where you can enjoy a pleasant walk through the vast kingdom of flora and fauna.

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