5 of the Most Female Friendly Luxury Travel Destinations

Female Friendly

There are times when you wish that you could just leave everything behind, pack your backpack and travel the world. Then there are so many things that hold back the solo female solo travellers- the question: how safe is it? Many trips are arranged throughout the world for solo travellers. We keep reading blogs about women who travel the length of the world across all borders and terrains on bikes and cars. And let’s be honest, it is truly inspiring. It awakens the inner desire of every girl to travel on her own terms and live every bit of it. There are some luxury travel destinations that are truly safe for women travellers around the globe and most of them are Female Friendly Luxury Travel Destinations:

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It really is a happening place; something the solo traveller in you desires. Explore the streets of Manhattan and be ready for some yummies as there are innumerable splendid food markets. One can visit the world famous museum, visit Times Square and also be ready to enjoy the Brooklyn Flea Market and it is more Female Friendly as well as luxury  travel destination.



If you completely, irrevocably in love with nature this is the right place for you. The mesmerizing beaches are a real beauty to behold and the culture is certainly endearing. One does not really feel alone here as the people are very welcoming. There are a range of resorts which give you an additional benefit of selecting a budget friendly accommodation for the females and is very safe and Female Friendly .

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This is the safest place in India and this place promises the best travelling experience. This place has the best to deliver from food to forts and the rich culture and heritage. A foreigner or an Indian is bound to get astonished by its architecture and larger than life forts. Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur are the most famous cities. It really is a historical treasure trove and one can literally enjoy the vast deserts and camel rides. India is always a Female Friendly destination within your budget.



This is the safest place in Europe. This city is extremely famous for its happening night life and the stunning architecture. It is an amazing destination for shopping and its rich culture attracts people from all over the world. The city is easy to explore and one can really enjoy every moment of the stay. Do not miss the Goddess Gefjun Fountain which lights up blue at night and recounts the story of how Denmark was created.



It is the capital city of Canada. This city promises a multicultural adventure for the solo traveller. The ByWard market has thousands of visitors over the week. Beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery and clothing are available here. Various kinds of bread and cheese are locally produced here which are really a must try. This city is packed with adventure and is totally safe.


Travelling alone really is a therapy for the self. Each one the female can schedule as per the mood. Rekindle the spirit of the female solo traveller in you. Pack your bags! The world will welcome you with open arms. Life begins as you step out of your comfort zone.

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