4 Major Travel Scams to Avoid

Travel Scams

Just imagine that you’re off to that long awaited vacation and suddenly you get scammed by an idiot on the first day of your tour. That isn’t something you’d like right? Fact is that Travel Scams artists around the world have become a pro at scamming people in the most unexpected ways. Even nastier is the fact that you might get scammed by the most unexpected people on your tour. Like think about that nice looking man who offers to help you with your luggage and suddenly you find both missing.

Whenever you’re visiting a new place for personal or professional reasons it’s better to be extra cautious. You don’t want to make a fool out of yourself right?

Don’t let that meter fool you

One of the most popular and overrated travel scams which seem to happen in every corner of the world is the ‘taxi overcharge’. These taxi drivers with experience become a pro at understanding from the look and language of the tourist that they are not locals. As soon as they do understand, you’ll see that their meter is either broken or there has been a sudden hype in the travel rates. Or even convenient for them is to mess with the meter and it suddenly starts running faster and higher than Superman. Therefore, if you want to avoid falling for this world renowned travel scams, know about the usual travel rates either by taking help from the locals or by asking the good old friend; Google.

‘I need to see your passport’

Another travel scams which is becoming popular by the day is the fake police scam that checks your passport abruptly someplace unexpected. This is also  dangerous Travel Scams as most people find it difficult to understand, and by the time they do they’ve already been scammed and looted. If you are new to a country and find policemen abruptly approaching you and asking you to show your passport you must first ask for some credible identity card. Refuse to hand over your passport until you’ve verified their id. If he/she is a genuine cop they simply won’t hesitate to how you some credible docs.

Confirm your booking

Have you ever been told by a taxi driver that the hotel you’ve booked your room in is closed? If it has happened to you before one thing that you didn’t know is that you were scammed. Taxi drivers seldom say that the accommodation facility you’ve chosen for yourself is closed for either weeks or months. After you fall for their trap they insist you on going someplace else and en route they scam you by charging double.

Scamming over a bracelet?

Another con popular in Europe is the free bracelet scam, in which unknown people catch you up for a quick chat and try putting a bracelet on you. These people are generally quite charming and they know how to engage people wittily in a long conversation. Once you wear the bracelet they start pretending like a local seller and demand you for money in exchange of the bracelet. Well, they are also quite good at creating a scene, so you automatically feel embarrassed and give them the money.

Well folks, these are only a few short examples of the hoax or Travel Scams that take place around the world. The fact is that, if you’re not cautious enough you might be scammed in a bigger way. So don’t let someone fool you, be safe, and know your right wherever you travel.

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