10 Underrated Travel Destinations

Travel Destinations

Traveling and visiting the popular Travel Destinations like Rome, Paris, New York might be at the top of your list.  However, have you ever thought of touring lesser known Travel Destinations which have the potential to blow your mind off? No? Well, then here’s a list of 10 underrated travel destinations which is sure to satisfy the ‘nomad’ in you.

 Travel Destinations

Welcome to Asia

Explore the serene beauty of the famous national park, Zhangjiajie in South Central China. The Travel Destinations  is filled with friendly locals, and boasts a rich traditional culture. The place has an exceptional tropical climate with warm winters and cool summers. The place is dotted with waterfalls, streams and lakes and has been an inspiration for Pandora, in the world renowned movie, Avatar.

While Thailand and Indonesia are crowded with travelers from across the world during the summer breaks, an underrated destination which is another beach getaway is Philippines. With 7101 islands, Philippines is the ideal summer getaway. The crystal clear waters with sandy beaches, world class diving, snorkeling, swimming, there’s a plethora of options to explore this Travel Destinations .

Beauty of the European continent

Lisbon, Portugal is the ideal destination for vacationers looking for travel options on a tight budget. The country itself is quite affordable, and flights connecting Lisbon are cheaper than other parts of the continent. An ideal destination for solo travelers, the city is picturesque with hoards of parks and beautiful streets to explore.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona has always topped the ‘to visit’ wish list, but another spot only a few hours away from this historical destination which is equally beautiful is Sedona. It is a stunning city surrounded by red sandstone rock formations. It has a balanced temperature during the summers, and is the ideal place to go mountain climbing, biking, and hiking.

Whenever we think of a Travel Destinations  in Spain the name of Ibiza or Barcelona pops in our mind, but why not visit someplace which combines the charm of both. Valencia is the perfect European getaway destination famous for its food, culture, history, music, and mesmerizing beaches. Whether you’re looking for nightlife of Ibiza, beaches of Majorca, culture of Barcelona, Valencia has it all.

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Less appreciated places that will blow your mind

If you are looking to go someplace away from the din and bustle of the city life, and visit untamed and unspoiled environments do visit Mozambique in Africa. Its 1500 miles of stunning coastline is complimented with gorgeous coral reefs. The Travel Destinations  is less urbanized that other Indian Ocean islands like Seychelles and Mauritius and therefore retains the pure and exotic landscapes.

One of the most beautiful yet underrated cities of Europe is Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. If you are a solo traveler and wish to explore someplace away from the chaos of popular tourist destination Ljubljana is the ideal place.

The world is not that small as it seems, and there are several other Travel Destinations  that you can visit for having the best time of your life. Other than the destinations mentioned above, Bolivia, Fjord in Norway, and Gdansk in Poland are cheap and less explored traveled options that you might consider visiting.

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