10 Travel Tips for Rajasthan


Rajasthan has its rich heritage and culture, because of which it is known not only in the Asian continent but also across the globe. The authentic and colourful essence of Rajasthan is found in its markets, its dances, and also in the population itself. This is the largest state of the country. The state is famous for its infinite attractions such as the majestic forts, decorated havelis and not forgetting the carved temples. The state is well connected by rail. To get deeper information follow the tips given below.

10 Travel Tips for Rajasthan


As Rajasthan is a deserted place, it gets hot during the day, especially in summer. The highest temperature in summer in 2016 was 51 degree Celsius. During the months of May to September one must not think of going to Rajasthan as the temperature soars to great heights, and so one may not enjoy themselves. In order to avoid this one must plan the trip to Rajasthan preferably in winter. The ideal time to make a trip to Rajasthan is from November to February.



If one wants to explore the most beautiful places in Rajasthan, then they definitely need a travel guide which will help them to explore the rich beauty of Rajasthan. It is very necessary to hire a travel guide from a well-known and valid travelling agency. There are many places in Rajasthan which has a diverse history. One may not be able to explore all those place alone. So a travel guide who knows Rajasthan very well is very important.


For safety one must always carry their documents, wherever and whenever traveling. As the case is with most travel trips, it is very necessary to carry ones documents. For international travelers the documents that are necessary to be carried include Visa, Passports, and for local travelers, any identification proof will do. It is very important to carry these documents to avoid the unnecessary inconvenience.


One must carry the clothes required according to the temperature or weather. One must pack the luggage according to the time of visit. If one is traveling during the summer where the temperature rises, casual T-shirts and shorts are much preferable and thus would be recommended. However in winters, one will be required to pack warm clothes and jackets as it is too cold during winter season. Mostly during summer, cotton clothes are preferable as it allows the air to circulate well. And on the other hand woollen clothes are recommended for winter as they capture heat.


It is mandatory to pack the right accessories for the trip. Especially the shoes, one must carry a pair of boots as well as a pair of flip flops. The pair of boots can be used for the desert while the pair of flip flops can be used for traveling in the city. One must carry other essential accessories like sunglasses, hats, toiletries, etc. that are essential for a trip.


It is very important to carry the Indian currency or the local currency to avoid last minute problems, especially during shopping. The advantage of carrying Indian currency is the ease of transaction and one does not have to roam around last minute to find agencies to exchange the currency. By carrying the local currency, one can save a lot amount of money based on the exchange value.

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One must try to visit all the places even though there is a lot to visit such as the palaces, forts, historic places in Rajasthan, etc. to know the rich heritage and culture of Rajasthan. It is very important to visit these tourists’ attractions to understand the roots of the culture of Rajasthan.


In order to know about the state of Rajasthan, one must read books or gain some information about Rajasthan from the internet or any other sources available. Many books or travel guides about Rajasthan are available.


Rajasthan does have lot of fairs. Thus it is known across the world for its Pushkar Mela. It goes on for 5 days. It attracts a large crowd from all over the world. There are over a million attendees each year.


Rajasthan is known as the shopper’s paradise. There are a lot of handicrafts of various designs on display in the state fairs. There are clothes available of different varieties, especially the colourful cholis, accessories like the hand- made jewellery, etc. These items are renowned across the world for its high quality.

These few tips will help you to have a wonderful vacation.


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