10 Things to Do When Visiting Spain


Known for its bullfights, flamenco dance form and amazing beaches, Spain is one of Europe’s oldest countries. Spain is located in the south-western part of Europe. This European country shares its borders with Portugal, France and Andorra. The capital of Spain is Madrid which is also its largest city.

Spain enjoys a temperate and Mediterranean climate. Home to picturesque locations, historical monuments and splendid beaches, Spain is any traveler’s paradise.

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Enjoy tapas in Spain

Ever tried a Tapas? Spain is famous for its tapas. Available at any local bar, Tapas is a snack of canapes filled with cheese, olives or alternatively with fried baby squid famously enjoyed with a pint of beer. Even if Tapas is not up your alley you can have your fill with other delicacies such as tortillas and pastas.

Traveling to Alhambra  forteress Spain

You might find a trip to Alhambra takes up an entire day but it is worth the while. It is said that the first Nasrid king, El Ahmar, picked the right spot to locate his giant fortress as it overlooks the entire Spanish city of Granda. Although tickets are slightly on the pricy side, but the 13 euros is worth it. Make sure you carry your cameras as Alhambra provides a sight one would be sorry to miss.

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Traveling to Sierra Nevada Mountains

Ever heard of skiing and enjoying the sun on the same day? Well in Spain all this is possible. In the Sierra Nevada Mountain resort which is one of the famous ski resorts worldwide, you can enjoy skiing in the mountains and then head down to the beach to soak in the sun all on the same day. Any traveler would not want to give this once in a lifetime opportunity a miss.

Traveling to Parc Guell, Spain

One of Spain’s most famous architects is Gaudi. Parc Guell has a number of Gaudi’s structures which was mostly influenced by forms of nature. Make parc Guell a stop on the itenary and feast your eyes on these magnificent structures.

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Take a trip to Las Ramblas, Spain

Shopping on your mind, take a trip to Las Ramblas, a street dedicated entirely to pedestrians. Lined with markets and cafés, strollers can enjoy shopping and then a relaxing cup of coffee in one of the local cafes.

Party in Ibiza

Notorious for its clubs and wild parties, Ibiza is a place lined with clubs. However, partying may come at a steep entry price of 80 euros, which may be forgotten the next morning depending on how wild the parties get.

Visit an Aqueduct

Take a trip to Segovia and visit a Roman aqueduct spanning 800m and dating over 2000years. Make sure to carry a camera as the place makes for good photos. Plan your day accordingly as this trip takes only a few hours.

La Tomatina Festival of Spain

Miss those epic food fights in school although no one misses those post fight consequences. Enjoy La Tomatina with none of the consequences. Think of La Tomatina as massive playground for food fights where the only rule is to use tomatoes.

Visit Pamplona

Want an adrenalin rush, take a trip to Pamplona, where if you’re brave enough you’ll run with charging bulls alongside a number of volunteers and Don’t worry none of the bulls are hurt during these sessions.

Sightseeing in Ronda

Get your cameras ready as you pass by Ronda. Ronda is known for a bridge over a gorge that connects the old town with the new town. Enjoy the magnificent view which this bridge affords.

The Spanish food, beaches and festivals will leave a lasting impression on any visitor’s mind.

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