10 Things You Must Know About Ludington, Michigan


Ludington, unlike other places offers a large number of varieties of parks, beaches, inland lakes, and rivers. The best quality of this place is that it has water all in and around this area. It is situated on the Lake Michigan. One can also find numerous coastlines in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sun play in the water and also can enjoy a bonfire at sunset. This is the smallest country ever seen with the population of just 8,399 as of 1 July, 2017.


There are so many LUNDINGTON beaches to discover. You‘ll find clean, sandy beaches along Lake Michigan and Hamlin lake. Stearns Park is the most popular beach, with free parking, concession, playground, Skate Park, mini golf and shuffleboard. Whether you enjoy swimming skiing, tubing, boating or fishing Ludington’s beaches and lakes provide hours of relaxing enjoyment and exhilarating adventure.

Ludington car ferry

With the traditional innovation, S.S. Badger is a fun and relaxing ferry that is like a shortcut across Lake Michigan. This is a four hour journey i.e. 60 miles travelling between Ludington and Manitowoc. This cruise carries 620 passengers along with 180 vehicles including cars, buses, RVs, and semi-trucks. This 4 hour trip is like a vacation itself. This cruise offers spacious outside decks if one wants to walk or for lounging. There are also satellites available on the ship so one can watch movies etc. There are restaurants that will help one to remain full on this journey. This trip is of course fun as it is like a mini trip for the entire family in affordable price.

Big sable point lighthouse

This lighthouse is 112 feet tall. It is black and white striped. It is found on the shores of Lake Michigan. This lighthouse was honoured as the featured lighthouse of the year for the great lake lighthouse festival. This lighthouse is open for the tourists daily from 10 am-5pm from May 8 to November 4. One can climb this lighthouse right till the top. There are also gift shops available near the Keeper’s Quarters.

Ludington state park

Ludington state has a lot more to offer, but its most popular place here is the Ludington state park. It came into existence on 15 August, 1936. This year it has celebrated its 81st birthday. Special programs are offered in summer. This park is opened daily from 8am-10pm. It offers views, hardwood forests, marshlands, and nearly seven miles of shoreline. There are many nature trails that nature lovers would love to see and visit.

There’s always something fun going on no matter what time of year, you’ll never be bored in Ludington. The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down here in Ludington. Even during the cold winter months there are festivals to attend, cozy restaurants to visit and local performances to enjoy.

Some of the top events are:

Lake Stride Half Marathon, Basketball Tournament, Freedom Festival, Friday night live, Movies in the Park, Octoberfest, Farmers Markets, Arts Fairs, Horse show, New Year’s Eve ball drop.

Michigan lighthouse festival

The next year’s venue is in paradise. This is a traveling festival so the people who love traveling will enjoy this lot.  There are vendor’s available where one can get things they want. They are set up in Rotary Park, downtown Ludington. The weekend here begins with a dinner and speaker Friday.

Enjoy nature’s beauty by sleeping under the stars at clean campgrounds, forests or parks in the Ludington area. Whether you pitch a tent or park your big rig RV, you’ll find swimming pools, fish freezers, laundry and game at most campsites. Camping is a relaxing and affordable vacation and the scenic natural resources provide the perfect backdrop for your outdoor fun.

Ludington area is a paradise for those who love boating and fishing. Numerous marinas along Hamlin Lake Trent, a variety of boats such as pontoons, fishing boats, canoes and jet skis are to be seen. There are many charter captains eager to make your fishing excursion a successful one. They will guide you to the best spots for catching a trout, steelhead or salmon just perfect for that fresh fish dinner.


The perfect destination for shopping is downtown. There are number of variety of stores found here. The best stores found are in the downtown. There are so many varieties of stores that one would regret if missed. These stores offer parking and personalized services. The merchants are too friendly that they invite one to their shop.

Hop and do not leave them until you visit their shop. It is a port city that is a home to specialty shops and art galleries.

Visit Ludington, Michigan, a vacation paradise and a wonderful place.

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