10 Best Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar


Sensational landmarks and astounding sights of Mahabaleshwar – one of the best traveling destination offers the real treat to travelers! Surely the travelers to India will not get disappointed. This wonderful tourist spot is situated at a high altitude of 1,372m. This wonderful traveling destination offers astounding panoramic views of magnificent mountains and chill wonderful climate. You can enjoy the warmer seasons between March and May and heavy rains fall from June to September.

In the tableland of this magnificent traveling destination, there are a lot of things to do, see and experience over in this wonderful traveler sight. Here we have piled up an travel guidebook, which we believe can make over the complete day in this fantabulous traveling destination.

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During the colonial rule of the British, this astounding traveling destination was the summer residence. The climate at an altitude of 1.372 m is quite pleasant, and you have wonderful opportunities for hiking as well as beautiful views. On clear days you can also see the sea, 30 km away. This traveling destination was founded in 1828 by Sir John Malcolm. In the middle of the wooded plateau are the viewpoints Elphinstone Pint, Babindgton Point, Bombay Point, Kate’s Point and many places from which you have an unobstructed view of the plain. At Arthur’s Seat, 12 km outside, you can see the coastal strip between the ghats and the sea known as Konkan, where the plateau falls 600 m. Of the rushing waterfalls, only three are mentioned: Chinaman’s Waterfall (2-2½ km), Dhobi Waterfall (3 km) and Lingmala Waterfalls (6 km).

In the city lies the Venna Lake, which offers opportunities for fishing and boating. There are three ancient temples in the old town. From the Krishnabay or Panchganga Temple (temple of the five streams) it was said that he unified five rivers, among others.



Morning Sunrise:

If you visit Mahabaleswar – one of the best traveling destination, you should not miss the astounding sunrise. The Arthur’s seat is the only incredible traveling destination to observe the spectacular Sunrise. With peculiar and enchanting rock formations, that have been compare to the Grand Canyon, this is sure enough an area that will astonish you.

Fort Pratapgarh:

This fort (1656) is located approximately 24 km from this marvelous traveling destination. It is closely linked to the most remarkable event in the life of Shivaji. Because the troops of Bijapur were superior, Shivaji invited his opponent, General Afzal Khan, to a joint meeting. It was agreed that both would come without weapons, but they did not trust each other. As they both stood, Afzal Khan drew a dagger and stabbed Shivaji.

But the cunning Shivaji wore a chain shirt under his white robe and had a deadly sentence and tiger claws hidden in his left hand. This dangerous weapon consisted of a few iron rings, which were provided with sharp metal teeth. Shivaji slipped his stomach on his opponent and overwhelmed him.

Today there is a tomb at this historical site, and a tower was built over the head of Khan. In the ruins of the fort you can see a statue of Shivaji. Another Fort of Shivaji is located in Raigarh, 80 km from Mahabaleshwar

The 16th century old Mahabaleshwar temple (the temple of Lord Shiva) is the main tourist and religious attractions that you should not definitely miss. The Babington House which is nestled in magnificent verdure, this colonial style house has a great dining room and beautiful library are the main attractions. The Bombay point and elephant headpoint are the other main tourist attractions. I you want to dine out, there are a lot of wonderful restaurants are available.

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