10 Best Attractions in Kathmandu



Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Located in a valley, this place is bound to give a mesmerizing experience to anyone visiting it. The city consists of a mix of picturesque landscapes, culturally rich temples and roads bustling with activity of locals as well as innumerable tourists. The tourist attractions of this place have something to offer people of all ages.


Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu

A Stupa in general is a divine place used for meditation and storing relics. Likewise, the Boudhanath Stupa is believed to contain the relics of Buddha and its construction dates back to AD 600. There are 108 small images of Buddha around the base of the Stupa and a pathway leads to the upper levels of the Stupa, from where one can have an elevated view of the areas around the Stupa. There are also many small shops in the streets around this stupa.


Swayambhunath Temple

Also known as Monkey Temple due to the presence of many monkeys, the temple is located on a hilltop and offers great views of the Kathmandu city and also the sunset. It is one of the UNESCO World heritage sights. Though the visitors need to climb 365 stairs to reach the temple, the experience one gets there is said to be well worth the climb.


Pashupatinath Temple

This temple is dedicated to the lord of all living Pashupatinath and is located on the banks of river Bhagmati. The main attraction of this temple is the cremation of the dead and the prayers offered by the mourning families. Apart from the cremation, the temple also has relaxing walkways lined with trees offering a good view of the city.


Kopan Monastery

Kopan monastery is a Buddhist monastery and is an excellent place for meditation with impressive views. Even free meditation classes are offered in the morning for the visitors.

Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams is a calm garden in the center of the city and is a good place for the visitors to relax. It consists of lush greenery, fountains and ponds and also a ‘hidden garden’. Even Wi-Fi is available on request for visitors who wish to relax and spend some calm time in the green surroundings.


Durbar Square

The word ‘Durbar’ means palace and likewise, the Durbar Square is the old royal part of the city from where the city’s kings once ruled from. Some of the houses and buildings in this part are around 400 – 600 years old. A visit to this area would give a person insight into this city’s heritage and history.

Hanuman Dhoka

This is the royal palace of Kathmandu and gets its name from the Hanuman status at the entrance. Visitors can view the royal courtyards and the numerous statues and portraits of gods.

Hiking & Camping tours

There are lot of private tours organized by private companies that offer hiking and trekking to interesting locations in Nepal. The trips are guided by local hiking experts who take the tourists through enchanting locations and breathtaking sceneries.

Historical & Heritage tours

Similar to hiking tours, there are also many one day tours offered to visit the various Heritage sites and temples around the city. This allows the visitors to view and visit multiple sites within a short period along with expert guidance.

Kathmandu Cultural tours

If one wishes to understand and experience the cultures of the places in Kathmandu and surrounding areas Nepal, Tibet, etc, there are tours offered by private agencies. Individuals can choose from available options and also can customize the tours based on their preferences.


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