Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in America and boasts a plethora of top-drawer hotels where travelers can enjoy world-class services.  However, finding a reliable vacation service provider in an expansive region such as Florida can be a real hassle. Take a break travel is an industry leading vacation services provider with vast networks in America.

What is Take a Break Travel a Florida Travel Company?

Take a break travel is a small, family-owned company that specializes in providing personalized vacation programs to clients. They offer all-inclusive travel programs to many destinations ranging from Las Vegas, Florida, Miami, Nevada, the Caribbean to Mexico.

Planning for your trip

With take a break travel agency, booking for a vacation has never been easier. All you have to do is fill out a registration activation form and send it along with an initial deposit of $50. Once successful registration, the vacation offer remains valid for a period of up to 12 months. The $50 deposit comprises of a $40 fee that is refundable once your vacation is complete, the remaining $10 accounts for processing fees and is not refundable. The agency is renowned for offering clients huge discounts especially on vacation programs that are not filled up when their activation time elapses. Clients are advised to regularly check the agency’s website to take advantage of any current promotions.

Take a break Travel Florida

Take a break travel offers excellent all-inclusive programs suited for the average family comprising two adults (aged 21 and over) and two children (under 12 years). However, extra accommodation is available, at a cost, if you have more guests. Clients can take up accommodation for up to five additional nights for a fee. The agency has partnered with a host of hotels and resorts in Florida geared towards providing vacationers with discounted packages for a more satisfying experience.

Why choose Take a break Travel agency?

The agency boasts a team of knowledgeable travel agents who have a wealth of experience in the vacation services industry. The agents tap into their experience to help clients make informed decisions on the best resorts and accommodation packages to select. The agents are friendly and pay considerable attention to detail to ensure your expectations as a customer met.  Joining the take a break travel members club opens up a whole new set of pleasant deals for regulars.

The travel association of America highly rates Take a Break Travel agency. Consumers are particularly pleased with their excellent customer service and their affordable vacation packages.